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Evangelion Thread #245

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Cozy edition
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Demon Slayer Thread

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Post your favorite cutebois
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SK8 The Infinity

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Cuddle thread

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Bandaged boys

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Smile thread + how you're doing

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Post cute smiling boys and share how you're doing or just tell us something that's made you smile recently. Feed me some positive vibes anons!

/cm/ tagmap for anyone interested:
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How about a Loki thread? There is a ton of great art out there for it already.
I could use some catharsis after that ending.
(Obviously all MCU or otherwise Loki is welcome)
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Dreadlocks / Afro textured Hair

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Want to see some Cute Males with dreads and/or afro textured hair.
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Kiss thread.
Post best kisses.
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