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Genderswap / Genderbend / Rule 63

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These threads are pretty fun. The less or no traps, the better.
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Detroit: Become Human #52

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previous >>3400361
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Final Fantasy XV

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Happy Birthday, Iggy!

Old thread: >>3403377
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Guys getting married.
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Mystic Messenger Thread

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Ouran High School Host Club boys

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Come on post our posh boys UwU
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Lio thread, anyone?

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Pictures of the cute blonde twink.
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HxH / Hunter X Hunter

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All the best and cutest boys from HxH !
Gon & Killua encouraged heavily, but all best boys are welcome.
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Yu Narukami thread?

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I'm completely new to 4chan as a whole, so my apologies if I'm not supposed to post this, haha.
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Yato thread ?

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I remember this beautiful bastard being one of the key reasons as to why I really liked Noragami
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