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Alt/Goth boys

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Post your best boys with an alt/goth/punk/emo/dark/etc aesthetic
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Fullmetal Alchemist

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Homestuck Thread

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Happy 4/13
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Genshin Impact

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Shotaluc edition
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Jojo Steel Ball Run #10

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DO~JYAAAAN edition

PT: >>3696165
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Backs are hot

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unorthodox coffee addiction

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got called cute on /b/ so ima repost my story here, sorry if it breaks rules or whatever

>be me, somewhat popular kid in high school
>go through phase of thinking looking like the generic e-boy was cool
>dye hair, completely change wardrobe, pretend to give a shit about 'aesthetics', other faggotry
>browse web for inspiration
>of course, cigarettes!
>where the hell am I gonna get cigarettes?
>look around house
>see coffee tin
>lightbulb lights up in head
>roll coffee cigar, go outside, light up
>shit tastes foul (as to be expected) but I feel cooler
>this becomes daily practice
>taste begins to grow on me

>fast-forward 2 weeks
>at a party
>decide now is the time to finally reveal my secret
>take out coffee cigarette, light and start smoking
>cue confused looks
>"wait, you smoke? I had no clue"
>feel really good when people start talking to me, even gaining the attention of a certain crush
>crush starts talking to me
>"why does that smell like coffee anon?"
>"I uh... it's coffee mixed with tobacco, yeah, so it uh... smells better?"
>mfw crush believes my bullshit
>"smoking tobacco is really gross, why not smoke weed or something like a normal person?"
>"well I uh... I dunno, I'm just poor"
>crush laughs, night continues, I get my crush's number. Overall a successful night
>maybe my crush is right, it is kinda gross and I don't gain anything from it... other than looking a little cooler

>next day
>ignore urge to smoke coffee
>"weird, why do I feel like I need to smoke?"
>give in and go smoke outside
>wait, am I addicted to this?
>get worried, throw out little box full of coffee-cigarettes

>fast-forward a few hours
>digging through garbage to find box of coffee-cigarettes

well fuck, looks like I'm addicted to smoking coffee now, fml
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Dear /cm/

Gacha. Or "mobile heroes game". Is there any mobile game full of cute shota/boyish characters out there?

(btw why no one tried that already?)

Expanding: Also looking for any shota games other than the obvious ones.

Special points if it's shota characters and monsters.
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tales of boys
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