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dads and their babies

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let's see some wholesome new dads with their little treasures
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HOTD/House of the Dragon

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The "It's been 10 years and it still hurts" thread.
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/sm/ - Shotacon

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Chinese New Year Edition.

Previous shota thread: >>3778888 (CHECKED)

Trap shotas: >>3770937
Shota manga/anime: >>3734757
Shota figs/dolls: >>3731038
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can we get a happy thread going?
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Feminine/Androgynous boys 5

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Final Fantasy XIV - FFXIV

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Been a while since we had a TWST thread, and what with Book 7 being released slowly but surely in JP and Book 6 finally getting an EN translation, it's the perfect time to make a new thread!
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