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Stylised faces

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Who does the best stylised faces and expressions in your opinion and why?!
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Any tips on how to draw for a long period of time?

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So when i draw, i usually only draw for 5-15min, then im drifting off to something else (video games or just laying in bed)

How can some people draw for hours and hours and hours?

If i could do that i would study everyday for atleast 5 hours, and hopefully improve my skills that way. I wanna get good you know.

I have all the time in my life right now, im young and i dont have school or work, so i wanna be as efficient and effective as possible.

Any tips?
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lil rant

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America used to have great art schools, illustration was the primary form of visual communication in advertising and there was plenty of work. In the 60s photography overtook illustration, fine arts had long since been moving towards increasingly abstract forms of expression that were buoyed by the desire for America to push back against Soviet Realism (art movement/style). Many of the old art schools shut down due to the influence of photography and many of the ones that remained aimed at producing new Jackson Pollocks and whatnot. In short, a lot of pedagogy was lost. The students that graduated back then without learning traditional representational art (because it was old fashioned) went on to become teachers themselves. Places like China and Russia still teach according to old methods, Russia especially was able to maintain the teaching tradition without the same interruptions that happened in the West. Art schools in the West are notorious for accepting and passing anyone that will pay and Federal Aid Eligibility and the permit to award Bachelors degrees requires forcing unrelated 'General Education' classes which isn't required at most colleges outside of the US (you spend the entirety of your college years working on just your major). Schools in China and Russia can be more selective in the admissions process and focus entirely on teaching the craft. There are also more skilled teachers teaching at all levels (like middle school and high school) because they were taught better, while a lot of art teachers in the US (jr high level+) lack those same skills because they were never taught and thus can't mentor their young students.
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Old art fags need to get with the times uwu

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So when are the old farts of art tube going to realise they gotta pander to the anime audiance to get more people interested in buying their online courses and their works?

>most young artist begin their interest in art by watching anime.
>no one is buying or is interested in comic books or comic book artist unless you're 30 years old who grew up liking Jim Lee, Todd McFarland, rob leftfield, or any marvel, DC, image comics artist in the 90s
> manga literally dwarf the sales of comic books in the millions (onepiece is really close to sell more copies of this one manga series than all of batman combined)
>the appeal of anime is universal to both boys and girls from 9 years old to 20, and race, sexuality, creed
> the porn is better

Seriously when will proko, Aaron blaise, jim Lee realise that their audiance would probably be more interested in their work if they have an interest in learning why anime is popular and make more beginner artist more excited to learn about other forms of art styles?

>inb4 beginner artist are autistic weebs and they dont like anime because it's a form of laziness
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What is this style and where can I find more?

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What is this style of art and where can I find more like this?
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Photoshop help

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Is is true the actual canvas is worse compared to SAI and CSP?
It seems to be way harder to make straight lines with smoothing even turned on compared to SAI with no smoothing
>just use more smoothing
Is not the shit responses im looking from you fags, i want to know if the actual canvas in photoshop is more low quality and prevents you from drawing straight lines so i can be done with that shitty software for good.
Ill post proofs side by side from SAI and PS, both with no smoothing if it has to delve into that.
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Ugly Art

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Is there a place for uglyness in art? I don't mean when one fucks up and didn't draw what was intended, I mean when people do a completely ugly drawing on purpose, knowing full well they could do something beatifull if they want to.
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Best patreons to follow for art?

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What would you consider to be the best people to follow for their art process? Do they help you at all with improving?
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What kind of cpu should i get for digital drawing and painting?
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Daily reminder that several 5-10 minutes drawing sessions done during the day every day yields more result than doing a single two hours long session every few days.
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