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I quit drawing girls

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With all these sandals with folks complaining sexy female characters, I !ight as well and play shit safe and drop drawing girls.

it's mainly because I wanna avoid people calling me a internalized sexist for drawing cheesecake. I know, should have gone past that but I'm paranoid very very paranoid. I don't wanna get doxxed for drawing anime tiddie.

I'm not gonna stop drawing female characters but I'm not gonna include them in porn anymore for the foreseeable future until this shit dies down.

Only issue is that I suck at drawing beefy men. Skinny guys I'm good at but men with muscles i suck at.

(The harpy isn't a girl btw, I couldn't find a good enough pic of beefcake...soooo)
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Why is it whenever I doodle something I don't give a shit about, I excel where I struggle with shit I do care about.

Like if I'm drawing on a bar napkin I can fuckin nail all of my normally weak traits. Light source established, facial anatomy on point, foreshortening fucken dealt wiv. Anyone else get that? What's the cure?

>pic unrelated I just really like Ashley wood
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ITT post bad art for laughs
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What would the dead artists like da Vinci, Picasso, Michelangelo, Rembrandt etc think about digital painting? Do you think they would have a snobby attitude about it and say it's not "real art"?
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How is it possible that I know exactly what I want to draw, but when I try to actually draw the resulting work looks nothing like what I want? What is the science behind this phenomenon? It's like wanting to get a bowl from the kitchen cupboard but ending up in the garden holding a plant pot. I can't understand how this is happening unless someone has dementia?
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Would you prefer to be a mediocre artist but with a stable and well paid job or a great artist but with a mediocre job?
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>TFW trying to use photoshop after being so used to sai
I really want to try out photoshop and see if I can get better paintings with more bells and whistles but it's too damn clunky, please help
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Ancient Laptop+Cintiq pro13 vs new laptop+ Intuos Pro Medium

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Hi guys ! I am going to attend a 2-years Concept art & Illustration course. The problem i have is: I want to keep my ancient laptop (i5 5200U, 8Gb Ram, 930M, only supports USB 3.0, HDMI, no USB-C/3.1/ThuderBolt and no mini display port, only HD screen. The hardware is enough since the course focuses mostly on 2D, just a bit 3D. Just need a draw tablet and a better screen, so I am thinking of Cintiq Pro 13. Since my laptop doesn't have USB-C or mini display port, i will need to buy a HDMI to mini display port converter and i will be a hell bunch of cable. Another option i have is to buy a new laptop (maybe a Macbook air or a laptop with decent display which is around 1k$) with a Intuos pro Medium (PTH-660), around 350$. The thing makes me confused about this option is that i may apply for an more extreme concept art course after this(after 2-3 years from now, which will cost like a shithole of money) and they may require a much better laptop ( currently Mac pro i7). So i really don't know what to do right now... Any advices ? Thanks in advance, guys !
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Gesture Drawing Thread

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Either post good examples of gesture drawing that we can all study from, your own work, or references for the thread to use.
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How do I paint like this, /ic/?