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Animation thread

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Help me understand commissions

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Why do people pay for custom stuff? Talking about non porn commissions. Do they have a folder “stuff I paid for” or something? I dont get it. Why spend money on some digital image?
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Is the Wacom Cintiq the only reliable option in graphic monitors?
Are Huion and XP-Pen alternatives really that bad?
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I bought long ago some tutorials (timelapses) from the guy who painted pic related, someone interested?
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Any tips on how to start moving towards more organic forms from geometric other than to stop being a nigger?
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"Anime Artist"

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Why aren't you playing this yet /ic/? This is the ultimate art learning program.
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Traditional Art General

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Last one died a slow painful death, let's make a new one and watch it suffer too.

Post the traditional art YOU HAVE DONE for critique or whatever. Don't just dump your folder of Sargent watercolors and Pre-Raphaelite paintings because that's not what this thread is you dipshit. Believe it or not some people still do oil paintings, and there's at least two or three of them on this board if you must know.
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Post your old embarrassing art

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Every artist has a hoard of art that they feel embarrassed looking back on
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What is the best way to draw anime bellies?
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Last thread died. Cartoonist thread
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