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Tried doing the painting in grayscale before adding colour for the first time, any critique or tips appreciated.
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>be me, 23 year old uni cuck
>at a decent level, above /beg/ and probably 98% of the fags on this board for sure
>decide to make a twitter and start branching out
>every fucking artist on there is some s*y chugging mediocre sjw jew liberal whos tweets consist of 95% drumpf bad and 5% artwork
>okay, I’ll try out twitch
>go to twitch art section
>the most popular streamer (with only 90 viewers) is a pink haired literal 400 pound whale who makes disgusting eating noises into the mic
>close twitch
>instagram is dead
>deviantart is deviantart
>tumblr just died with the nsfw content thing

Literally what the fuck? I shouldn’t have to resort to this shithole for normal people. Is there any any uncucked community? I swear, if Kim jung gi was American and not Korean he would probably be crucified by the “art community”. Am I going to have to learn Japanese or mandarin or some shit so I can go to their art communities? Did I just see the wrong people, can anyone recommend any good ones?

How the fuck do you retards cope with this retarded community?
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Collab Thread

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Collab Thread

Collaborate with your fellow anons to pull forms from abstract shapes and work together to flesh out a new piece. Feel free to change colors, add new major forms, tweak the composition, detail & render, etc. - anything goes. Artists of all skill levels welcome.

The starter composition will be 3840 X 2160 - try to maintain a high resolution when uploading & sharing your contributions.

Please refrain from introducing a new starter composition until significant progress has been made.
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future artist

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sooo i love drawing but to put it short i really really want to live off of art and dont know where to start or what to study (i was thinking graphic design would be a good option) so if anyone would be kind enough to give me some tips or just anything, thanks
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Are there any T-Shirt designer people here? how do you decide what kind of designs to make? Do you sell them yourself on sites like redbubble or do you submit them to sites like yeetee? What designs that youve sold have been the most popular? How much can you make doing it as a side thing?
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Post your favorite artwork
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Newfag in digital art here, graphic tablets are super achievable now online, but the ones with screens and with a built-in computer are still expensive. My budget is around 500 bucks, should i go with screen tabs or are normal ones without screens good enough?
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How is shading on windowshield done?
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Anyone else interested in printmaking here?
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I'am not a furry

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>Be me.
>Draw a new profile pic (pic related), because why not.
>Show it off to my friends.
>Thay say its furry af.
>Ask odher friends if it makes me a furry.
>Thay say yes , one of them even says that im "snaxy".
>After a while thay send me a video about furries.
>Slowly realizes that my friends now think that i abuse my hause pets.
What do anons ?
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