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Im gonna post some shit from How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way because you faggots need some taste.
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is it worth it

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As someone who want and will make it, is it really a good idea to post your work here?
lets say hypothetically you're trying to get a job in the industry, send a perfect portfolio
>studio interested in hire you
>the trannies and sjws decide to do a social media background check
>do a quick image reverse check of one of your social media post
>find your ic posts
We all know what this site is infamous for, plus all the pirated shit that are being shared here
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How would you improve eptein's painting?
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How good (or bad) is your line control?

Draw two stars, one with pulling lines, the other with pushing lines. Try to use your whole arm, and not just your wrist.

Now draw both of those stars 10x over in the same spot.
>pic related
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pinup girl design

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Made this with azaleas dolls.I just love the artsyle she uses
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Building the platform

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Welcome, anon. Do you want to help shape the next gen art platform from the ground up? Developed by anons, for anons? Yes? Then please continue.

Right now there are no decent options. This is not a thread to debate other platforms and their strengths/weaknesses, but a place to put together what would work. I'm gonna list some ideas and thoughts that have popped up in previous threads and what I think would be nice to have. Feel free to give input on anything, but the 2 most important parts are:

1) What functionality do we include, and in which development priority
2) How do we monetize it. Not to get rich, but to keep the platform afloat. Data transfer costs $$$, and no one is gonna pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a hobby project. There needs to be a basic monetization model so the site can support itself.


The absolute basics are a user system and a page where you can show off your portfolio. I think a title and short message needs to be included (optional). And I believe both a feed type of view and a gallery/portfolio view are both nice to have. Feeds would open up functionality to follow users, comment, like, reblog etc.

Important: Is there a difference between a feed post and a portfolio post? Are they the same just shown differently? Or can you post to your feed without it being a portfolio piece and vice versa?

Important: Do we allow some kind of reblog functionality like tumblr (or retweet for twitter)?

Other ideas: An extended form for feedback, maybe an image upload option for redlining/correcting? Ratings (0-5/10) vs likes/stars?

Imageboards: This has been mentioned. But I don't think it would work. It would be confusing for people who aren't used to them, and we already have /ic/

Forum: Eh, idk
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Post one picture you recently liked. Someone says something about it and posts another one.
Pic related is Tudvaseva Sasha on ig
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You have 5 seconds to submit your best circle for critique. GO
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Well this is a new feeling I never felt. I posted my work here and with zero expectations since the last time you guys scared me off.
I've been practicing my ass off for 3 months to prove you guys wrong. I post something and it's ignored. Not a single criticism or praise, just ignored. My art is so boring that it can't even be called shit anymore.

Life is pain.
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