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cute girls face references thread
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Random art I made.

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My first post to this site, I hope this works.
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What's some trendy shit to draw right now?
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Why are eastern artists so much better at rendering than western artists? Is it because there's an industry for it?
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Will taking DMT or any hullcinagetic drugs make me a good artist?

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I'm seriously wanting to do this because I have no other options.
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>I don't see the point in making art anymore
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We never made it lets talk

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Hey guys i just realized ic is the corner of the internet where all the drop outs,autists,self publishers,ngmi'ers,furries,bronies,normies,flaming ego maniacs,pedos,underage children poster,suicidal freak, and last but not least weebs come to post their "art" still believing one day their time will come.

When did you realise you were one of these and hows it going?
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iPad pro 3 vs Surface pro 6

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I had a really hard time deciding which tablet to get, an iPad or a SP6, I've tried both, and to be honest, since the latest windows updates, the jitter on both devices seems to be pretty close.
It really depends on the program you're using.

Clip studio paint pro feels 99% similar on both devices, while their normal note taking app has jitter (both the iPad Pro 3 and Surface pro 6)
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computers can already create faces indistinguishable from real ones. Is there any sense in keep learning to do manually shit that a tool will do it for you in a few years, but much better?
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We all know when a drawing is bad and we can also (vaguely) point out in which part, therefore deep down in our brain it already contains enough information to know when something is wrong or right. Then there should be a method to "extract" this information. For example, there are people who can very badly visualize something(or can't at all!) but when sleeping, they still vividly see their dreams, therefore their brain still can produce visual images.
But the problem is how can we get this information from our brain? There should be an easy way to do this and then to learn drawing faster, not just grinding every photo/drawing.