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Talk about art supplies and traditional art with other supply acquisition addicts here.
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Drawthreads & dumpthreads

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Are drawthreads & dumpthreads useful for visibility?
Wondering if I could participate in the SFW ones to gain more followers.
Anyone got decent gains this way?
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>spend a whole day on a portrait
>most of the time was spent on correcting proportions, angles and measuring stuff in general
>realize that it's fucking hard to even copy a head from a photo
>realize how difficult it has to be to be able to construct heads in any perspective
>realize how much time it will take me to be learn to copy heads and then to construct them
>realize that it's just heads and i have to draw other parts of the body, then rotate them in space too
>realize that i have to learn how to put values on everything
>realize that i have to learn color
>realize that i have to learn all that just to be able to construct a generic figure in space in color

How the fuck am I supposed to learn drawing to make it my job if it's so complex and takes so much time?
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Wanna be a Mangaka?

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post your social media, blog, etc.

share tips and tricks to get more followers
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What's your favorite tablet? Do you like connecting them to your computer or do you prefer an iPad?

I don't wanna sound like a shill but pic related is currently 30% off on the official website. I just grabbed one for $174. At that price point and quality, you really can't beat it! I can't wait to get mine. I've been using a Wacom Intuos for almost 2 years now.
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becoming a freelance artist

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I'm working as a webdev right now and I regret my career choice, I always wanted to be an artist and work for myself but I gave it up. Now I'm considering try to follow that dream again, is that a way I can make a living as an artist? what I need to do? how does that work for you? Isn't the market already flooded of artists?
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vent thread

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vent about how you hate art
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Okay. Just say it to me. I want to draw characters (females) from imagination.
I already feeling sick from reading books about fucking anatomy or perspective. Can someone say what books are strongly recommend for drawing this, and what books are fucking trash. RN I reading Loomis book, and I heard a lot of shit about this book here.
Can someone explain better way to learn it.
I feel really sick of books (studying in technical University) but if if the best way to learn character drawing from imagination - I will.
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/Sketchbook/ Thread

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Post your sketchbook drawings.
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