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Thoughts on Ashley Wood?
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Who made this? What is this style and is there more?
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If you could go back in time, what would be the one thing you would tell your younger self to do?
>Stop doing studies in your tablet/PC, do them on paper, stupid fuck!
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Anybody knows what type of cel brush or pen is usually used for old anime cels, cause it all seems to depends on the show.

and i wanna have an idea of what brush should i play with to get an approximation on CSP?
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would you still do it, if you know that no matter what you will still suck ?

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i feel like there's no hope.
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First time ever posting on this board, here's my visual/graphic art project:


Leave me some feedback if you find it interesting.
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Any anons here studied architecture?

I'm kind of stuck in a rut here, 2 years into university and I realized that I don't care about anything that isn't art or design. I can't even imagine myself doing anything else and being happy.

Thing is, I've already had a sponsor paying for my engineering degree and if I drop out/fail I'm liable to pay back every penny they've spent on me. I'd be so far in debt it might take decades to pay back...

BUT, I've found out that I can change courses since they sponsor a range of degrees, including Architecture. While this could be my ticket out of this I'd have to redo a number of years so you can see where this doubt is coming from.

How much of Architecture is art? I've seen numbers of final-year students with absolute /beg/ tier skills in drawing/sketching buildings
Is this an actual good choice or am I just throwing myself into more shit instead of finishing my degree?
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what are some nice sketchy artists to check out? very precise work isn't really my forte
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How often do you draw from reference, and how often do you draw from imagination? What do you do to make sure they complement each other and you learn from both?
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