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i drew alice from sao

saying something along the lines of:

"this looks like a 10 yo old drew this"

"go to /beg/"

"look at refrences"

isnt helpful. dont be a cunt
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critique on anatomy???

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it's looks so wonky and I don't want to continue until it looks a little decent ;(( I haven't drawn in months man I'm struggling pls help ,, also this is not my concept it is for a redrawn
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What is the appeal behind anthro art? Is it worth delving into?
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Don't hate this style morons....

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People that draw in the tumblr/sjw style are not going to make it. It's ugly as fuck.

They draw gay men ugly fat women with hairy legs to appeal to other sjws. But guess what? They're a minority! So while they try to appeal to others sjws... You can actually draw something beautiful that actually looks good with atractive people.

Let the retards in tumblr shoot themselves in the food. Your cute anime protagonist will be more popular than their shtty fat woman with short colored hair and hairy armpits.

Just saying...
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Post your progress
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What are your routines for drawing as much as possible without destroying your wrists?

[spoiler:lit]I've been in pain for months[/spoiler:lit]
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music for drawing thread

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what do you lot like to listen to while grindan?

jon hopkins, richard d james and brian eno are always good choices for me
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