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Any resources for learning how to do pixel art/spritework?

As in, barring my own regular art skills, I'd like to learn techniques and workflows for making a small pixelized version of existing artworks in a purely technical way, how to adapt shapes, commonly used pixel patterns, how to anti-alias properly, color choices to help the illusion at small sizes, proportions that maximize the space, mistakes to avoid, etc
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What do you guys think of Art Fight? Will you be participating?
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can anyone tell me what im doing wrong here? i make a sketch (all fine), i make base colors (all fine. But then i start the linework and it looks awful.
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Poll: What kind of tablet are you use?

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Do you use screen-less tablet, ipad or drawing monitor?

For those that uses screen-less tablets, are you satisfied with it?
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Path/life of a porn artist

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I started as a regular artist and had a dream to work in a videogame industry. Worked few years but it quickly became super boring. If it's not an interesting indie game (that allows you to draw cool stuff) - it's pretty much not worth your time.

Now i do nothing but porn and i love it. I love to express human sexuality and embrace it. I use skills i got when i was working with tight deadlines and rules. I have many ideas for upcoming lewd stuff.

But... i was always wondering - how other porn artists live and how they feel about it.
I guess right now we have many porn artists that are close to 25-30 years old because most of us started back in early 10s and they fully established now.

Tell your story and discuss this questionable artist-path here. How did you became porn artist. How do you see yourself in a 10 years.

As you see by the OP-pic im a bara artist. I kind of happy about that because its much more safe to be a bara artist than a regular hetero-artist.
We even have artists like Nesskai (he draws hairy dudes and has a NSF blog and twitter) that manage to do both - porn and work for Blizzard projects like Overwatch.
So i can say that being a porn artist wont hurt your career. And it could never do that honestly.
I remember back in 2008 one client that worked with me opened my server folders out of curiosity and found my nsfw stuff - it didnt affect anything and we continued working even if i was working on a cartoony game.
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Does anybody else use porn games to draw?

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I'm using Koikatu as reference for drawing/sculpting, and man, it's the best tool i've used so far.
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What Goes Into Making Quests/CYOA's?

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So i don't know if this is the most appropriate place to ask this question but i figured /ic would be able to help either way.

How much prep work goes into planning a Quest/CYOA(create your own adventure)?

Like I'm aware the point of them is to have the crowd kind of determine where the story goes but i was wondering to what extent do artists behind them plan certain aspects out? You know things such as character designs and having character sheets where you see the front, side and back view of the character(just so its easier to keep in mind how to draw them from certain perspectives). Do artists come up with a general map of the area the character is standing in so you can keep some level of consistency with the backgrounds and locations? Do they have certain aspects and events of the story planned out to keep a general direction with the story going while also trying to maintain some level of freedom with the crowd? or is nothing planned at all and its all improvised on the spot?

I guess it kind of depends on the type of Quest/CYOA but the ones im talking about are the types with some level of finesse where its not just a character standing in an empty white background(not that theres anything wrong with those)

I've been wanting to do a Quest/CYOA here for probably over a year now just as a sort of fun thing to give to the community while also working on certain aspects in my art like drawing backgrounds, experimenting with composition and tone/atmosphere/color but i just haven't gotten around to getting everything together and ready(and im not sure what exactly goes into that either) and i haven't been super confident about the general story itself either to want to actually post it either.

When i look at some Quests/CYOA's i'm just in awe at how cool things can play out.

Artwork unrelated
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How do I produce art if I can't draw but have a lot of creativity and ideas?
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What the heck is wrong with those artists that exclusively draw girls?
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What's your excuse for not drawing today /ic
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