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Cringe Thread

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>redmatzoo takes commissions
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Are there any other eurpean comic artists as talented as jean giraud
>or is he it
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Hey guys. I never asked anyone to criticize my drawings before, but now I really feel it's time.
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Do you guys know any contemporary "goth" artists? Preferably japs.
Inb4: Kojima Ayami, Takato Yamamoto and Amano Yoshitaka
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Anyone else interested in printmaking here?
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Character critique

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Heya! I created two new characters and I was wanting some input on them. I know the girl on the left's arms are scrappy, ill be going into detail on her prosthetic arm soon (i dont have a solid idea of how ill go about it) and i am currently making a tatto design for her other arm. Besides those two features, what else can I improve on? What do you like? Please do tell.
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Selling art

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Selling characters message me if interested i also do customs example added want one message me on Kik drippingwithsin.
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Hey /ic/ I have bad eyes and can’t read that artist signature and I’m trying to figure out the original artist,, can anyone help
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How much time do you think he ha left?
will you be able to meet him before then?
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