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Bendis appreciation thread
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Are there any good robocop comics?
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KSBD - Kill Six Billion Demons

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82 White Chain Returns from Emptiness to Subdue Evil

And you thought there wouldn't be a training montage!
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Will there ever be another moment where one of the most profitable comics or cartoons in the world ends just because the creator wants it to?
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>Cartman: *be a racist sociopathic monster*
>Kyle: *be a moralfag*
>Stan: *be a moralfag*
>Kenny: *be a complete mess of a character*
>Butters *get's fucked over*
>Episode revolves around some pop culture personality/event that two months after the episode is aired it's not gonna be relevant anymore
>More pop culture references
>Episode ends with some simplistic liberarian moral lesson

So, what's so funny about this shit again?
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Why doesn’t she have a mouth, /co/?
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No matter your thoughts on Steven Universe, you gotta admit the airing schedule is horse shit. Just... how do you fuck up this bad?
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>tfw fictional characters of all degree form together and make special truce alliances to combat reality breakers, OP monsters.

>but seeing as how chris was the prophet of this crisis they will all make him the leader of their new avengers like organisation

what is it called /co/?

and if it was a movie would you watch it?
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Fictional bullies are fucking retards.

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>it's public knowledge that heroine is a sapient weapons system capable of destroying entire fleets of alien warships singlehandedly, and just wants to make friends
>"Herp derp, let's give her shit because people like her more than us!"
Fucking Krust Cousins. Like, there's a difference between petty idiocy, and having no self-preservation instinct whatsoever.

And while we're here, Bonnie Rockwaller too. It is well known that Kim is a famous superspy mercenary. Kim could just make her disappear, and nobody would ever find her.
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Kulipari: Dream Walker

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So, this is coming out this Tuesday.

I almost forgot the first series even came out. Thanks, Netflix.
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