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"Abducting Murphy's Law" will premiere in the US today.
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>be drawfag
>attention whore on /co/
>mods disable autosage and bump limit just for me

Jiminy Cricket mods why not add a goddamn upvote system while you're at it
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In what situations would Batman kill?
If he is unable to avoid service, would Bruce Wayne serve in a just war?
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Hey, /co/, what was that thing that was spammed here about a year ago with the giant alien lady with shark teeth wearing red armor.

I think it was some cartoon pitch or pilot.

Pic unrelated
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What is /co/'s thoughts on PJ Masks? This show reminds me of Teamo Supremo
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What are the best big-2 ongoings?

this is NOT a company war thread
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Owl House

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Anyone know the source of the leaked "tests" she's talking about now?
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