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Animation Bread

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>Animation Thread Discord

>Books, Basic Program Tutorials etc.!M8s0XYjB!mo_9uNAKJUnVD3Ne9X9vgg (NEW)!3p8CwQZD!DR2mC-kw0TyQQ8Uw3T6JYg

>Reference Material

Anime .gif/.webm repository

Stoyboard & composition:

Play Youtube videos frame-by-frame
or just pause the video and use the , and . keys (This doesn't always work but worth a try)

Kinovea video file frame-by-frame analysis
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just draw lel whats the big deal
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Whats the difference between masculine art and feminine art? Can both co-exist in the current climate of art and social media?
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Tutorial thread

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Post good tutorials, pics or vids.
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Shill yourself.
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Artistic Eye Test

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Lets see how good your artistic eye is, how many shades of purple were used in this pixel art?
No cheating(aka downloading the pic).
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Send me some photo references
Just make sure that is a girl (im shit at drawing men)
And that they are doing something instead of just standing, i need to spice up my drawings
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>Makes post complaining about artwork or no gf

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>Doesn't post his work or shows any evidence of doing said work
Not your fucking therapist, draw everyday you wuss. Sick of seeing people get all critical of themselves on here and it's all they post.
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Art student's Critic Corner

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Feel free to share your art and get essay-long critiques from an art student.

I will write a constructive criticism only if the artwork is good. Otherwise it will be rejected.

Good luck!
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Forget basic shapes, I can't even draw a line properly. How do I overcome all my lines looking like I'm having a seizure while drawing? Can I make it if I can't even control the pen properly?
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