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Any beginning artists here? I'm writing a webcomic (first one) and I'm looking for an artist.
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Why do people call Miura a good artist?
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Are there any books/sources on how to learn digital painting?
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Have both a 13" Cintiq (no touch) and a 6th gen iPad with procreate. I'm still a beginner, have only been drawing for about a year, but can't really decide which I like more and should primarily use. The only real advantages I can see myself is the iPad's portability, but I rarely leave home so it doesn't come in handy as much as I'd like.
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How many followers do you have on each social media page?

Ever since I reached 2,400 watchers on DA three months ago, I've been getting enough commissions to pay nearly all of my living (it falls short on food, but has paid everything else since November). Kinda surprised that's all it took to reach this point
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anyone else in /ic/ limbo?

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>/beg/ is too /beg/ to help me
>still not good enough for /draw/
>basically competent at observation, anatomy, fundies, perspective, etc
>still terrible at drawing passable things from imagination
i will never leave this hell
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/mgm/ - Make Girls Moe

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Draw randomly generated girls and critique!

Make a girl here:

Previous Thread: >>3665553
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NSFW/Porn Thread

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Previous thread: >>3786853

Porn Thread
Thread for those who enjoy drawing pornographic images

Rules and Guidelines:
-Hide images you don't wish to view, etc, etc.
-Please refrain from posting NSFW images of underage characters(loli/shota)
-Refrain from replying to trolls that give no valuable input.
-Post finished works and W.I.P's here for critique.
-Any questions in regards to reference materials will be answered.

Dedicated thread sticky-
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For all of you weaboo fucks that think nips use some secret Japan techniques to improve: Guess what, they use OUR shit. They use Loomis, Bridgman and all the usual suspects too.
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How do i deal with the nibs on my liners going flat.
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