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Let's make a list of Artstation cliches
we could even make a bingo game with these

>asymmetrical armour (particularly a single pauldron)
>person holding a stick in an environment
>random lines and greebles
>cutouts in places of structural weakness
>barbarian with armour everywhere but his chest
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Pencilkings charges $97 dollars for this.

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I call bullshit on them trying to use DC, Marvel, and activision as references.

You're just paying for sycra's useless lighting bolt technique. What a scam,

I know because I did the free trial. Luckly I didn't have to pay shit for well this shit.
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Skill test

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Draw this
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>Masturbate once a day
>keep seeing and hearing others stopping and having improvement
Have any of you stopped and benefited from it?
I saw someone mentioning using horniness as a motivator for learning to draw and the concept of not nutting immediately baffled me to the point where I realized I actually have a problem. I've also seen threads where people mention not masturbating being something that motivated them and it's got me interested.

For context, I'm a socially retarded poor incel who can only afford food.
I already started drinking more water and I feel great already. Even if it's possibly placebo. I'd like to continue with other healthy habits but I want to know if I'm wasting my time. I've been cutting my internet for a week several times over the span of this last year and have been feeling better not arguing with pthers online. My next step will be to cut sugar out of my diet.

Really sick of feeling like shit and considering the improvement from drinking more water I really want to keep feeling like this. Recently found out that there is a correct way to breathe and that I've been doing it entirely wrong. I've only started breathing properly yesterday and lots of my previous problems are gone and my breathing doesn't feel like absolute shit, which is something I didn't notice. Has me wondering what other bad habits I have.

To get to the meat of the question, to anyone who stopped masturbating regularly, how has your motivation/life improved? And a secondary question, are there any other good habits to pick up that wouldn't be obvious? Meaning things other than what the usual slob would consider, like masturbating, drinking water, breathing properly or sugar intake. These things are so imgrained into me that I never considered them a bad thing. What else could I be doing that stops my progress.
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Would you consider sunlight, say around 10AM, a cool light or a warm light?
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Pixel art

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I think i've never seen a pixel art thread here... so, here is a pixel art i'm making.
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Do you have a Patreon? if so,
How many patrons?
What do you earn?
Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly?
What sort of art do you do?
What is your realistic goal?
Which site do you have the biggest following in?
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Is it just me or is Proko overcomplicating the hell out of this?

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Wasn't the entire point of the mannequin that it was easy to remember and pose?

If you're using all your anatomy knowledge at this stage then that defeats the purpose.

Loomi's manequin is unironically easier....
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Stupid Questions Thread and/or Questions that don't deserve their own thread and/or Vent thread

You ever stop working on something and when you come back it's better than you remember and you get the unshakeable feeling that if you try to work on this any more, that you're just gonna fuck it up and make it look worse?
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Scenery / environment art thread, OC only !

I’m Just a Hobby artist and don’t practice nearly enough but I’ll always appreciate criticism, obv this is based on Irythill