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moderndayjames gumroads

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Anyone has all of modrendayjames gumroads as torrents?
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Mental disorder

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Looking for other opinions than mine
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everything is art even an idea can be beautiful

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yeah but you just come off as full off autistic

in the world not full of literal eurotrash ideologies about artthink sorry artWORK things capische forms are appealing not ideas farts are funny video games are entertaining show me one ONE sunday cartoon that qualifies as art and ill show you the door



cue rectal frustrations heard from miles away

the dao which can be named is not the eternal tao which can be named is not the way can be named is not the eternal way which can be named is not the game which can be named is not the eternal the game the path which can be named is not the true path the loomis or study you arent doing at this moment is what you should shoot for as a goal one year from now to be an automatic process instead of time spent on 4chan

88 is lucky
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>try oil paint
>pass out from the paint fumes
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Post your art get feedback/critique

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When I was a teenager, this board helped me in staying motivated and drawing. I'd like to give something back. I've been working professionally for about 8 years now as a concept artist in the entertainment industry, both freelance and in studios. I'm not posting any art, sorry - this thread is about YOU not me - so believe it or not.

>I'm offering:
Post your drawings/paintings, but no half finished studies please, I'll give you honest feedback and provide paintovers/redlines.
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Minimalism & Maximalism

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Minimalists can choke on my chode, Maximalism forever.
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Confess /ic/, are you a filthy rat who steals from others under the excuse of using reference?

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how do i draw chubby girls?
pic related is my art btw, i only ever drew muscular men so i'm bad at chubby girls
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Does someone have insight on this guy's story?
These concepts are not my cup of tea but they're definitely solid, and this artist has one hell of a resume. From the archive:
>He is the man that drew us Final Fantasy Tactics, Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, Megaman Zero, Batman Arkham Asylum, Diablo 3, Diablo 2 Reaper of Souls, Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates, No More Heroes, Call of Duty and Resident Evil.
>On the Manga and Anime side, this guy published Kill la Kill, Gunbuster, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Batmanga, 50% of Studio Ghibli stuff, Boky no Hero Academia, Dragon Ball when it was good, and One Punch Man.
>The guy is a legend. Only problem is that he is very good at hiding his power level.
>You see those drawings he makes? He usually draws them in less than 8 minutes.
Now he's homeless and deleted all his blogs and art a few years ago. Did he fuck up in some way that has nothing to do with art? His tutorials have tens of thousands of reblogs so I assume he had a huge following.
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/ic/ I’m struggling to find the artist of this painting, can anyone help? Thanks in advance
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