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looking for colorful retro art

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Similar to pic related
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I'm not good with lineart at all - I don't know why drawing is impossibly hard for me to do. My guess? Lack of practice. I just don't have a desire to do it, though. I hate myself.

Either way, I do like coloring and inking.
any anons wanna give me some shit to piss on and maybe practice refining my garbage skills?
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>post art in discord server
>no one pays attention
>proceed to bitch everyday about how everyone hates my art and no one gives me critiques
>do this so often people get uncomfortable to post their own art
>now when I post my art people actually respond to it
Feeling devilish
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Looking for art buddies

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I never had those and I wonder if I will be more motivated and more focused when I surround myself with like-minded people. Probably yeah.

Add me on discord: big guy#3158
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The Wazawai Musume Project ic#01

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>What is it?
A collective of drawfags depicting historical tragedies as cute anime girls!
Think Black Death, The Great Famine, Great Fire of Rome, the Titanic, the Fire of Notre-Dame, etc.

>What is it??
Think of it as a doujin (independently published) artbook.
Similar projects have been done in the past.
Dictators of the world (pic related):
Powerful American millionaires:

>Can I join?
Any help is welcome. We need both artists and History enthusiasts.
There will be some quality control, but you don't have to be a pro. If you're capable of producing a fully-finished illustration in a moe style, that's all we need.

The digital artbook will be released on May 1st, 2020.

Either join the Discord server:
Or get a tripcode (User##Password) and post in the threads.
I'll look into more options as we go.

>What if I get #cancelled on Twitter??
That is not impossible. You are free to submit your artwork with an alias.

>Will I work for free?
For the exposure. :^)
The project does not intend to make any profit. Do it if you like the concept.

Some events are chosen for their death tolls (the Holocaust), others by its historical relevance (9/11, which "only" killed 3000 people), or even by being fresh on people's minds (Notre-Dame Fire in 2019, no deaths).

The project is meant to be as apolitical as possible, so we'll go with whatever is the "academic consensus" on them.
The main goal is the appreciation of moe girls and History. Rather than to offend, the project aims at making people even if just a little bit more informed about and interested in past events of humanity.

TN: Wazawai Musume means "Disaster Musume"
TN2: Musume means "Girl"
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He can't keep getting away with it!
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Hello /ic/, /pol/ here.
My walls have always been bare. This year I am going to change that.
I would like to have my walls reflect my admiration for traditional Europe. I have been looking for paintings/printouts of kings, castles, culture, and anything prideful that is not explicitly Nationalist. Would love the tips.
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Verdict on textured brushes?
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Color theory / color and light

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I rendered a red box under green light and the result is a black box. Is this how I would have to paint red object under green light? It looks really weird so thats why im asking.

Also PLEASE does anyone have any tutorials on color theory, how to pick colors in shadow and light etc? I only see Gurney's book posted here and im too beg for it. Marco Bucci's video are too theoretical, I need real a walkthrough for a painting with human figures, i tried but failed at applying his colored spheres tutorials to painting people. It can be anything, including paid courses. Theres so many resources on construction here but nothing about actual painting and colors, im feeling rly hopeless here.
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First & Last - sketchbook edition

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So I just finished a sketchbook and the finality felt really good, as if I left the troubles of that time in the past. Thought it'd be an interesting thing to reflect on and share, and I'd love to see and hear what the rest of you have to share.

- Post the first page of your sketchbook (or first file of your sketch folder) and the last page or latest page so far.

- Say something about that time, anything. Your experiences, expectations, struggles, joys, etc.

>left side June 2019
Began studying art as a result of being fired from my shitty job. In a relationship. Struggling with direction in life but wanting to do something with art.

>right side November 2019
Have the perfect job, single after 4 years, knows what I want to do with my art and life and looking forward to the knowledge of both expanding.