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Would /ic/ consider copyrighting every OC and enforce copyright infringements and defamation lawsuits like the big bad scary Nintendo corporation? How feasible would it be to create your own proprietary content and own it under a corporation doing art as a fictitious name? Is Matt Furie setting precedence towards copyrighting Original Content or would this copyright settlement be an isolated incident.
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>find great artist's social media
>they are an incredibly shitty human being with retarded and often leftist beliefs( example: liking pepe means you're a racist neo nazi)
>constantly angry about something
>always having some kind of trouble in real life that requires "emergency" donations
Every single time.
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what is it about girls that captivates the common /ic zoomer?
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Actually drawing = soulless
Posting on /ic/ = soul
Prove me wrong
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Are there any other female artists on /ic/?
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Name one successful artist who frequents ic
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Switching from STEM to art

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Did any of you guys study or work in a STEM related field before switching to art full time? Did you regret it? How old were you when you made the jump? Any hardships?
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so are female artists more upbeat and chill than their male counterpart? somehow male artists seem to be weirdly strict or closed up..
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How do I get good at drawing armor
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Is Portrait studio worth it?

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For those that don't know, basically youtube artist istebrak made a software that serves as reference for artist.

It's twice the price of CSP. Though it's now on sale.

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