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Thoughts on this man?
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What do you think of my art?
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What color should a surface be when different colored light bounces of to it ? Mixng the two turns out weird.
Also the How to Render Book just kinda goes throught it without explaining
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Kim Jung Gi wouldn't even take you as an apprentice unless you could draw compositions under a fish eye perspective.

Could you meet his expectations?
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>tfw entire portfolio is traced and photobashed
>even go through the work of faking loomis on heads and perspective grids etc.
>just got hired as a junior concept artist
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>Be at college grinding fundies mid class
>Get inspired
>Go to the WC
>Spend the next 40 minutes at the toilet free of the shackles of the outside world putting my mind into paper
>Come back to class even more refreshed than if I had taken a dump
We're all gonna make it lads
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MMA fighters are the best reference for anatomy. Everyone always uses bodybuilders but MMA fighters have the perfect balance between aesthetic and functional.
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Storytime animators are currently making more money than you for just talking about their life and doing limited animation
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/ic/ recomend me a good begginers program to draw. is krita good?
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