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Obscure Waifus
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Bean is sad because you don't like her show
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Vocaroo voice acting thread

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Been a bit since ive seen one! Post old stuff, new stuff, or just give out some request!

here's a old favorite of mine
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How does that Seth MacFarlane keep doing it?
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Megaman fully charged thread

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Episode 27-32 have on the CN app for 2 weeks
It hasn’t been uploaded anywhere yet so does anyone have a mega for the episodes
Do far since the shift with the reveal of lord obsidian it seems to be getting better
The bad box art Megaman was great episode a bit weird at the end for sure
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Guardians of the Galaxy# 1 - Preview

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Storytime: Scalped Vol. 4, The Gravel in Your Guts

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Continued from:

Clearly I didn't learn anything from yesterday because I'm starting really late.
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>Hello I'm the nostalgia critic I review movies so you dont have to and..............
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Reaction image thread
starting with some OC
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