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Besides Archie; why is high school romance a dead /co/ genre in the West compared to Japan?

Could a high school romance comic set in the DC or Marvel U work /co/?
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why is no one talking about this besides Gravity Falls, and Star Vs. The Force of Evil?
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Leaked Homestuck epilogue ending

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>the gang will find a robotized planet filled with robot clones of carapacians, consorts, humans and trolls
>Dirk will be the final boss and agonize the group
>Terezi finally reached the planet as well and gave John's body to Dirk
>he just throws it into the incineratior
>Karka dies during the Robo Rose fight by sacrificing himself to save Dave
>Davebot finally shows up to stop Rosebot and Alt Calliope cures Rosebot's mind control
>Terezi goes ahead to face Dirk once and for all
>Hussie planned a flash for this and the Rosebot fight
>Vriska shows up and decapitates Dirk
>as Terezi claims how she doesn't need Vriska, she gives a counterargument how she doesn't need a worthless corpse such as John
>they hug and kiss
>as Dave grieves, Jade is going to comfort him but Harry Anderson does it first and she is just smiling that someone else is caring for Dave
>they blow up the planet and we see karkat actually surviving before he dies for good
>music by well-known homestuck artists, but Toby isn't listed

Bye-Bye and fuck you V.
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Fuck Marry Kill
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Kino cartoons that no one else remembers
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Which one is best /co/?

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Why Priest is the most based writer in comics?

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> It is comical to me that I am far too often seen as creepy by women - especially black women - because they have been conditioned by their personal experience and their media consumption to misinterpret a simple "Hello." These days I cannot pay a woman a complement without a legal preamble and assurances that, no, I am not hitting on you and even then I get the skunk eye of suspicion.
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Def comic
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>Kill Six Billion Demons
I never really read any webcomic or comic,
but do you guys consider this any good?

I really dig the artstyle and the detailed panels, reminds me of berserk in some way
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There are some pages that just make you say "M-Mommy!"
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