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>voluntarily took up the role of being in charge of thousands of ADD-riddled kids who don't take their jobs seriously because nobody else wanted to
>eventually buckles under all the stress that that entailed, quits, and comes back, all the while confiding in the one guy who's sympathetic to her situation
>has a small crush on him, but he has a girlfriend, who he later breaks up with
>eventually he disappears, and wherever he is, his teammates know but aren't spilling the beans
>turns out there's an entire galactic organization of kids that are higher-up than her that she never knew about
>the teammates were all in on it
>and apparently these alien kids want to fuck Earth's shit up for having an adult infestation
>and the guy she used to confide in? He's on their side now
The Supreme Leader had a hard life
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Tom King

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This show is so fucking retarded. I literally cannot fathom how the writers expects us to root for the protagonists when their quest is so retarded. Are we supposed to assume delivering the baby dragon to the elves is going to end the war? That's such a childish way of thinking.
>Hey guys, turns out Franz Ferdinand was alive all along! Yeah, he was just locked on the Serbs's basement. Haha, crazy, right? Anyway, can we end the world war now?
Also killing animals is okay to eat, make cloth out of their skin and tools out of their bones. But killing animals to extract magic? That's a big no-no. Again, a very child-like way of thinking. Was this show written exclusively by manchildren?
And let's not forget of the most obvious plot twist ever: The bird was the king all this time. It's baffling that anyone can take this show serious.
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Totally Spies

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More like totally babes
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Young Justice

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Thread Reminder: Bart is straight and Greg already said that anyone using proof of him being gay for the reason of going on the trip to Queen Bee's lair as being wrong.
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The weak should fear the strong.
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What instance of you going from loving a show to hating it depresses you the most?
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Captain Marvel #3 Storytime

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Gather around, Carol Corps. Another issue of Captain Carol: Ms Danvers, in which she goes Binary and leads an insurrection against a literal patriarch who wants to breed with her.

No, I'm not being ironic, it's cheesy but good. Get in here.
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