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Young Justice

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Thread Reminder: Bart is straight and Greg already said that anyone using proof of him being gay for the reason of going on the trip to Queen Bee's lair as being wrong.
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Well I've finally read Spider-Man comics all the way up to OMD. What are the stories from BND that are worth picking up?
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The weak should fear the strong.
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What instance of you going from loving a show to hating it depresses you the most?
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Captain Marvel #3 Storytime

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Gather around, Carol Corps. Another issue of Captain Carol: Ms Danvers, in which she goes Binary and leads an insurrection against a literal patriarch who wants to breed with her.

No, I'm not being ironic, it's cheesy but good. Get in here.
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What is going through Darth Vader's mind at this EXACT moment?
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Keep denying that Garfield is not funny.
You're still wrong.
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Pitch your cartoon idea

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Let's have another one of these since the last thread died. Pitch your ideas for cartoons and critique and comment on others.
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ITT: Weird crossover ideas

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>House M.D/Steven Universe crosssover
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