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Someone needs to beat Seth MacFarlane within an inch of his life
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Post your waifu. How would they respond if Johnny Bravo used a pick-up line on them?
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What timeskip was worse, Young Justice season 1 to 2 or One Year Later? (from the perspective of Teen Titans and in general)
Both had their teams go through shit and gain new members yet chronicle none of it and the new members mostly had flat characterisations compared to the returning cast.
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Is she the cutest Muslim superhero?
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Vocaroo voice acting thread

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Been a bit since ive seen one! Post old stuff, new stuff, or just give out some request!

here's a old favorite of mine
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what was the moment you realized the Civil War event was retarded?
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Please Forgive Me

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Marlon killed a snakeman with his penis sounding pencil
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How does that Seth MacFarlane keep doing it?
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