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Post some Aussies, ya cunt.
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You only have enough coal for 3 issues

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Which ones do you buy?
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How come Cyborg isn't equipped with a rocket punch, breast beam, spin storm, or double tomahawks? Why can't Cyborg be a like a super robot?
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"Miss Van Dyne, I'm not some common criminal who can be distracted by your praddling. You mean nothing to Doom, and your pathetic attempt to play mind games with me amounts to exactly less than nothing, so please, stop embarassing yourself"
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Will Marvel Studios have the confidence to give him his own solo movie?

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Doom's origin story is pretty compelling and I can see him as the next big bad whose presence will pervade a phase or two more than Thanos ever did (seeing as how he's Earth-based). His own origin film could feel like a classic hero's journey before the turn to villainy.
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Spiderman 3

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I’m watching this for the first time and the Sand Man scene really is as good as people said it was. MJ’s argument with Peter after she gets a bad review though sucks shit. Like Peter gets called a terrorist by his boss every day, but one critic says you were bad and “boo hoo look at it from my perspective”. Shut the fuck up, MJ.
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infinity warps are back

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are they that starved for "fresh" ideas or were people really clamoring for more of this
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what makes a show 'cozy'?
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>white character powered by radiation
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Best of Archie Americana - Bronze Age storytime part 2

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