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Why was he always so angry?
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Now that their home is gone can the Pines family move to Gravity Falls for good?
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Don't mind me; I'm still the best Ansem/Xehanort.

Kingdom Hearts /co/ thread.
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What the fuck was his deal?

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Goddess Mode #2 storytime

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What’s the point of reading DC any more when they refuse to move forward? Bruce will never be replaced by Dick again and Barry will likely never be replaced by a new speedster. DC has decided that the Titans will never get their chance to replace the league while Bats and super continue to do the same exact shit week after week. In 50 years Bruce will be doing the same thing he always does and the rest of the universe will keep its status quo in the end.
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Why was fast forward and back to the sewers so bad?
Didn't it have the same people from the earlier seasons working on them?
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Young Justice Prelude: JLA - World Without Grown-Ups

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Having just finished this wonderful series up to its tragic death at the hands of Graduation Day, I'd like to storytime the whole thing from the beginning.
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Edit Thread

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Boobs, butts, belly etc... Post requests or post edits, you know how this goes. Don't spam requests and try to post the highest quality images that you can. Higher rez stuff is easier to edit. Try and keep things /co/ and try to be specific as to what you want for your request. Non-lewd requests welcome.

Here's the booru for anyone interested. If you aren't editing then you can still help by posting stuff to the booru. Anyone can do it and it is nice to have an archive.

Use Waifu2x to increase the size of images with minimal artifacting or loss of detail before posting. Very useful.
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