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Max’s guerrilla concert

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Realistically, how much preparation would have been required for 3 high school students to pull off a production of this caliber in a school auditorium without anyone noticing?
Were Max and PJ smarter than the Columbine kids?
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Injustice but good
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>Marvel cancels “Squirrel Girl”, the first Marvel comic series starring hero with Down syndrome
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How did a franchise about alien robots who can disguise themselves as anything (including animals and planet) become so stale? It seems like meaningful addition not only stopped in 2003 but actively went backwards.

It's always about the Autobot/Decepticon war. It always spills over to Earth. Autobots always befriends some human kids. The leaders are always Optimus and Megatron. Cybertron is almost always a dead planet. Characters tend to be picked from the most popular of the early ones. Most of their disguises tend to be vehicles with little variation. Other planets and alien races show up rarely if ever. The bulk of the stories will take place on earth.

It doesn't seem like it should be this limited given the subject but it really is.
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>Why are we having so many King of the Hill threads lately?
>We only ever used to have threads once a week.
>This feels wrong.

>But I like it.
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Shows That Were Pure Kino From Start To Finish

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I'll start.
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how do you feel knowing that we'll constantly be getting the same stories with the same characters because the executives won't let them finally die and end their stories once and for all?
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>"According to reliable sources, the incoming Steven Universe Movie might have live aciton sequences"
>Though it has not been confirmed by Cartoon Network yet, The Movie might also feature celebrity cameos"
>It will be released on late 2019, says Sugar
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Yesterday I had hopes, that I would finally be spared with this Batcat& crybaby Bruce nonsense& now there are another 12 issues with this. Meh, will I ever get a story, where a villain kills Catwoman& this shipping crap is finally over? I guess not...
I only hope a good writer takes over Batman after King,