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>gf found my Star vs folder in PC
>she's sad and angry, questioning me on whether I still love her or not, she yelled at me "IS THIS WHAT YOU LIKE? AM I NOT ENOUGH ANYMORE?"
>threw our promise ring on the floor and ran off with the car to her sister's
>niece calls me asking what is going on(she likes anime so she wasn't freaked out but worried about her aunt)
>and I'm sitting here lonely thinking about what went wrong
Just to clear things up I don't have porn, but I do have a lot of cutesy pics which could be weird for her, I feel bad, as if I was looking at another woman. What to do?
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Team MILF or Team boi?

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What the fuck was their problem?
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Loki #1 Storytime

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Guess is time for another shot at a Loki series. Let's go.
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"Clean my room, Anon!"
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>Chris Niosi is trending on twitter.

What did this shitty VA do this time?
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ITT-underrated waifus

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Starting off with a cartoon girl from the instructions of a PPG toy from a kinder egg.
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Can you believe this shit? Anyways, honestly speaking, what other Batman/DC Villain would you cast her as?
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Captain Marvel #8

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Gather around, Carol /co/rps... We're back on track after War of the Realms, with what seems to be a great arc ahead of us.

Also, please stick around later, we're storytiming Monica Rambeau's classic origins afterwards.
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