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Disney's Amphibia

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So, is the show worth watching? Is it as good as Wonder Over Yonder and Gravity Falls? Which episodes should I watch to understand the story line or all of them?
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Uncanny X-Men #22

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Discuss this.
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Chloe is so lesbian for Sabrina

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It's obvious.
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Half of the drama in this show wouldn't have happened if they just smoked a blunt/joint/bowl, man.
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Ok /co/, how big is too big?
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Where's the fookn /shelf/ thread ?

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/Shelf/ time boys. Show off your purchases and aquisitions.

I just moved into a new place so I have a new /shelf/ and a new /wall/
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Legion of superheros

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ok Lets try this again

We interupt your regularly scheduled /co/ntent for a legion of superheros thread, mainly becuase bendis is coming and were all very scared so to ignore that we shitpost and talk about which legionaries are fucking and who we wanna fuck
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>If you take kids comics out of the mix (Dog Boy, etc.), then manga = 50% of graphic novels sold in US.
How do we fix American comics?
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ITT: Your favorite Spider-Man suit
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This character is so oversold

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Doomsday's powerset is one of the most inflexible, brittle ones in the entire DC universe; he's got a couple things he's really good at and nothing else-- meaning all you have to do to beat him is NOT FIGHT HIM AT HIS OWN GAME.
Not to mention he's dumb as hell so he should be absurdly easy to outmaneuver.

the justice league trying to beat him was like someone going up against a blender by sticking their face into it instead of just unplugging the cord.
How'd he beat darkseid that one time anyways? He should have lost massively.
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