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Can bad Practice fuck you over?

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Forget exactly which podcast it was, but heard Marshall emphasizing "bad practice" in one of the recent Proko podcasts, and how it can actually make you get worse at drawing cause you need to forget the bad habits, and relearn new ones.

If this is true, then the "just draw" theory is completely false and you actually need to be thinking each time when you draw or you risk the chances of actually becoming worse.
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>25, burning my money like wild fires burn California every summer, on an art college,
>Majority of students are either spoiled kids and "everything else was too hard for me" types (including few legit autism or other problems guys who sit in a wrong room, rant on unrelated subjects, or start screaming while nothing's happening) and guys who dropped out from other subjects but aren't actually into art. There are few people who were tutored since they could hold a pen.
>Myself I started seriously drawing 1 year ago. I feel I'm doing fine for that time, but I paint too slowly according to the professors and lack technical knowledge, or generally just rant at me for asking for any critique or advice how to improve.
>Literally got told "I wouldn't advice you to buy a better brush because you're clever and you did well without it"
>Theory classes are a joke. It's 15 minutes of professors showing few slides of examples of design ideas from 70's, the stuff I did read from the lecture materials during the first week, and then trying to come up with anything to do.
>Nothing about digital, design, modern trends or styles, or anything I could use.
>Grow depressed, as I was hoping for a challenge and huge gains, or at least similarly nerdy groups to hang out with, extending my education safety period

Any point in paying for that if I want to go pro but I was learning faster on my own and wasn't exhausted by waking up at 4am every day?
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post backgrounds

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Post backgrounds for later reference
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Which is the best/used app to draw for android tablet?

MediBang Paint?
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Why have you not drawn the waifu of the month, anon?
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Did you guys already talked about it?
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truly based if real. also pymurals
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Lack of art gains

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>imagine not improving at all in over 10 years
I sure have an example.
The Vexus picture on the left is from 2008 as evidenced by this blog post
The bigger picture on the right is from 2019 as evidenced by the source

Basically he has over 3000 digital paintings in his gallery, and it still looks pretty much the same. Maybe he is just realling enjoying the very early digital art look.
The picture is smaller on the left, because the source picture was smaller than the new one.
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I want to end every habit and behavior of mine that works against drawing. I already deleted my online video game accounts, deleted video games in general. stopped masturbating as much (still struggling but fighting a good fight), stopped wasting time on people that don't share my will for self-improvement, stopped consuming media as much and reduced my time browsing 4chan and youtube. I am still here so I am not fully ascended but I can take something useful out of this site while I am here.

So a question to anons who want to do the same thing and succedeed or still try to succeed, what are the tips you can give me? What I really want from life is meaningful relationships and meaningful achievements. I am willing to sacrifice everything for those.
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Is tracing as viable as some claim it to be? Could you actually learn by just straight up tracing shit?
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