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Is it possible to get an animation job (like doing key animations) with out going to art school? How?
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Lets talk contemporary fine art.

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Having a slow day. Let's talk contemporary fine art, I'm based in England so I will be biased.
How are the new shows in Tate? Bonnard?
Who saw the Sean Skully documentary on on BBC? I'm glad it showed how much of a fucker he was, I've met the guy and I'm glad its common knowledge hes a prick now.
Any upcoming graduate artists your looking at to swipe for your collection?
As always best contemporary artists working today?
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Anime-inspired art is too popular, it's just...bland; it's so bland I prefer those stupid medieval illlustrations, at least they express some kind of emotions.
What are /ic/ opinions on it? Am I a retard?
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this beautiful thing

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does you guys know the name of this painting/painter?
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Jelly is a gorgeous 26 years old lady working at Fuego Pub during the night hours.She has a deep hatred for men and enjoys humiliating them.
She is actually a very open lesbian who is attracted to girls.She only flirts with men because it's funny how they think they'd have a chance with her.
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Notre-Dame RIP

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Pay your respects to final moments of the greatest work of art in human history
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I Don't wanna end up like Proko

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how do you break away from Reference ? do keep going to it but do mostly imagination ?

do you think in the art i posted reference is used ? or is it skill after years of imagination drawing/ sculpting (with anatomy learning, and life study here and there)
i just can't seem to be comfortable with a process, i try from imagination, but it sucks so back to ref, and so on.
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Do you look down on people who can only cell shade?

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