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I’ve never taken a art class in my life. What basic of basic fundamentals should I learn? If i should go to thread just link and I’ll go there.
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>making a model from clay and tracing over it
pic unrelated
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Need a source (chart, book excerpt, well-made 3d model etc.) that shows how to draw female manga heads from several different angles, like pic related but with a better style/more detail and angles. Specifically between front and 3/4 view. Thanks.

Btw, if any of you think this is a bad way to learn the dimensions of the female head, please show me a better way
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What do you guys think of my new drawing?
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What u guys think?
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Has there been a single case of a NSFW artist actually making it big? Not talking the few random bigshots that won the art lottery like Sakimichan, I'm talking artists that get regular work for games, TCGs, etc. Regular work.
Do you have to stick with regular non-fetish art to actually make it? Can you try and manage NSFW shit on twitter while you get good and just put real art on ArtStation and shit and hope any employers don't give a shit or won't realize?
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For all of you weaboo fucks that think nips use some secret Japan techniques to improve: Guess what, they use OUR shit. They use Loomis, Bridgman and all the usual suspects too.
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What do you guys think of these edits? I've seen quite a few and it seems to get more and more popular. I don't even know if this can be considered as art since most of it is barely original content, but I definitely find it quite appealing. I'll dump a few I found on Tumblr.
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c&c plox

do I have potential?
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Literally impossible.

Anyone have a place to go to find good examples of feet? Stylized and real.
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