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What do when you have a feeling you've been doing just more of the same ? Should I just try to do a master study of works beyond what I can do ? How to not stagnate ?
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How do I draw like this seriously. I've been drawing for 3 years and I'm not even close
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I just want to draw like this but I keep failing
fundamentals, gesture, it's all failure
I want to draw in a way that's fully expressive, color and expressionism, "an attack on the page" to quote another anon
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whats a drawing program that's like paint but better

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I dont want a bloated drawing program filled with random shit that serves no purpose, I just want a program like paint that has a pixelated brush and a layer system

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can you tell me names of some some artists who can who use pencil for finished work

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(IMG related) and no realistic fags

I just wanted some good traditional artist I can copy the rendering techniques from
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Has this ever happen to you?

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>Draw the whole prev 5 days of the week daily
>Decide to take saturday and sunday off since my plans for them got canceled
>Play some vidia since it's been a while and i need a brain break before going back to drawing
>Fast forward monday
>Decide to get back to drawing since i don't want to binge the game non stop
>Something feels off
>Lines look strange
>I don't feel the gains as before
>Mfw now im in panic and don't understand why did this happen.
Can anyone help me figure out what's going on before my brain decides to do a flip over the fence to insanity's garden?
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Is Design a real discipline? Or is it all subjective?

I'm beginning to think that all designers are just regurgitators who have good taste. If I want to improve my design skills, should I just build a large visual library of things I love?
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How do I interact with popular artists so they can become my friend and I can get more followers?
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