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Cute boys tied up
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Fire emblem thread

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Why is every guy in fire emblem such prime husbando material?
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Our last hug thread was last year can we please have another?
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Piratepad with recommendations:
Please add things you think other people will like.

Pastebin for people who can't see the piratepad:

Let's try to keep this one alive as long as possible, even if that means just posting fanart of your favorite /cmlit/ characters to bump it.
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Tsuritama thread part 3

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old thread >>3178342
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>watch anime
>start being attracted to anime guys
>think I'm gay
>go out
>see IRL guys
>still attracted to IRL guys
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Husbando chart thread

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Persona #8

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Old thread >>3255264
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Husbando Thread #5

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Not sure if five threads are any kind of milestone, but happy 5th thread everybody!
>Which of the four temperaments most fits your husbando?
>Are there any headcanons or theories about your husbando that you find interesting or are most of them inaccurate to his character?
>Do you have a favorite scene from your husbandos source material?
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