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Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

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AKA Ronin Warriors
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Kars Appreciation Post (JoJo Part 2)

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Call me normie trash for liking JoJo but Kars is a sexy devil.
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Haikyuu Thread

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Thighs edition
Last episode >>3326416
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Yato thread ?

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I remember this beautiful bastard being one of the key reasons as to why I really liked Noragami
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Manservice thread

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Can we get some sweet male plot? This gay man is sick of all them tits in his favorite anime.
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Promare #28

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Last Thread >>3362526
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sally face

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might be a long shot but i decided to try anyway.
post em if you got em
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Pre-FF7 Final Fantasy Boys

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Final Fantasy boys were pretty before Nomura, too.
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4th Fluffy Boy Edition
Old thread >>3289198
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