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Risotto Nero

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please post some Pictures of Risotto Nero. Since the last Episode I want some hot/cute fanart of him.So if you have some free time you could post some here.
I thank everyone who helps me out in advance.
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Sanrio Danshi needs more appreciation. I'll get this thread started!
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Happy and Smiling Thread PART 2

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previous thread: >>3189907
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Deku Thread

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Image limit on last thread, let's continue to have a Deku thread and show our love for him!
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Boku No Hero Academia

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New BNHA/MHA thread
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Cute boys tied up
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Voltron Thread

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Continued from >>3314181
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Chubby Boys Thread

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Thread for cute chubby boys
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You will never be Free.
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Yugioh thread pt.3

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Old thread reached it's limit
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