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Shazam!/Captain Marvel/Whiz Comics

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Make way for Billy Batson and Captain Sparkle-Fingers!

The movie, the comics, what have you.
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Gears, Saga, or Blade, there are some top-tier boys here.
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The other thread seems to have disappeared.
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Yugioh thread pt. 2

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Last thread >>3304869
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Caesar Zeppeli thread

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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I've a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more fan art of this in the coming days.
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Chubby bois thread

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Source for this one: @akki_cnmn
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Can we get some (shirtless) regular dudes chillin in normal clothes? I'm talking, hoodies + jeans, flannels+ corduroy, business casual leather jackets, etc.

Maybe a little fashionable, but something a regular person could wear, or put together from a mall or thrift store.

That means no DMC, Jojo's, MHA, any any other crazy outfits you wouldn't expect to see in public.
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Deku Thread

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Let's have a Deku thread, please, he is my husband and I love him!
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i am excited for best boy to get animated
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