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doesnt seem to be one here yet
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Venom #4

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hooni thread

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upvote if you would try to help him
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Anyone watching the new Cute boys Kyoani show?
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Husbando Thread #3

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You know the drill, post husbando and answer questions about him.

>Does he have any gap moe traits or hobbies?
>What's his place in his source material, how does he effect the plot and the other characters?
>Does he have any close friends? If he does, what is their friendship like and how do they treat eachother?
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Kojima Games/Metal Gear III

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LAST THREAD: >>3241222

The Snake Soup and Metal Gear Informer (The latest in Kojima-related news!) -

JUNKER HQ (.net) (Excellent database for Kojima's older games, such as Snatcher and Policenauts, created and curated by the lovely Artemio Urbina!) - (Patches and info for the English translations of Policenauts! There is a PSX version and Sega Saturn version available for play!) -

JUNKER HQ Forums (Kojima Fan-forum) -
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Touken Ranbu

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Golden Kamuy #2

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Detroit: Become Human #48

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