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Danganronpa Thread

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Old one seems to have died
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Kingdom Hearts

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It's the 29th and KH3 has been officially released to the rest of the world. Let's have a thread and celebrate!

Don't have much KH3 based stuff, but I'll do a mini dump to get the thread started.
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Blue Exorcist Thread

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Gimme sum sexy demon Boys
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Boys with nice abs <3

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Desperate happiness

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This expression, please. All characters welcome.
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Cute boys holding hands

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Marc Anciel

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hon hon

post em
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Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler / Ciel thread

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Can we have Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji thread?
Ciel is especially welcomed. [spoiler:lit]Both real and the fake one.[/spoiler:lit] I can'be the only one here who absolutely loves this grumpy little earl, can I?
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