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Sporty guys
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Tasteful lewds

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Post pics that may not necessarily be sexual or show skin but exude that lewd aura.
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Pretty nips

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Pls post pics of nice cute nipples being in focus or not, bare chest or transparent/sheen/wet/tight top
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#12 of the All inclusive never even maxed.
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Male Friendships

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Hey guys, I came here hoping to find a very specific kind of image, had a little bit of luck but I understand this is mostly a homosexual board. What I am looking for are images that inspire just the feeling of platonic male friendships. I have a few (though most are just resposts from your other threads) but if you had anymore that would be helpful. Particularly I like them with aesthetic backgrounds and styles.
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Manservice thread

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Can we get some sweet male plot? This gay man is sick of all them tits in his favorite anime.
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New Link Thread

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pretty vampire boys?

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I need more pictures of beautiful vampire boys. the amount on my phone rn is pitiful.
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guys with cats thread

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i need bois with best animal pls
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