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Witch Boys

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Cute but rare, I would like to see more. Magic boys with a more rustic/rural look, or maybe a bit on the creepy side. I will share what I have...
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Xenoblade, Saga, Gears, etc.

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Xenoblade 1 HD remake announced, heck yes!
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Smiling boys

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Hiro Hamada

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Let's make a thread for this cute little boy
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I’ve been really thirsty for the robot lately
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Blushy boys

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Boys that blush, whether it's from embarrassment, intimate feelings or just the cold
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Boys teasing you

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Showing chest , being playful anything like that
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Mystic Messenger Thread

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Mob Psycho 100

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Spooked edition.
Last thread >>3385825
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Father / Son moments

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Post father/son moments.
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