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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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More brotherly love to dump.

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Cute boys holding hands

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Can you guys introduce me to Asta? I started playing Jump Force and now Im so in love with him...
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Robin / Reflet

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can we please have a Robin thread, i love him so much and would like more of him
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Boyos in lingerie thread?
Boyos in lingerie thread.
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Touken Ranbu

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>season 2 came out recently
>full of cute boys and theres not thread for it yet
come on now
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Manservice thread

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Can we get some sweet male plot? This gay man is sick of all them tits in his favorite anime.
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Post MM characters here
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Yakuza/Ryu Go Gotoku

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Can we have a nip crime boys thread?
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