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Boys wanting to make love with you

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Post suggestive boys wanting to love you ./////. (sfw!) condoms in mouth are a yes, naked abs are even more yes
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Garry (Ib) Thread

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Today’s Ib’s 7th anniversary, which means this absolute cutie has been in our lives for almost a decade now. Dedicating this thread to the gay beauty that is Garry. Keep it SFW and exclusively Garry if you can! Thank you;;
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Dakimakura Thread

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Post worksafe dakimakura designs/art of cute boys!
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Can we have a Jotaro Thread
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It's been seven years but I've still got some No.6 feels
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Winter Thread

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Cross-dressing Thread

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Post men crossdressing none of that girly trap shit.
Last thread -> >>3249740
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/cm/ reaction pics #7

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Previous thread: >>3297795
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Can we have a thread for best boy?
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