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Blinding Bangs

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When the hair completely covers the eyes. Starting off with some Brief & Belphegor.
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Boys of Star Wars Animated

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Pic related is the new Luke from Galaxy of Adventures. Needless to say, my heart can't repel cuteness of that magnitude.

So post your boys of animated/comics Star Wars here - Ezra, Kanan, Anakin, Luke, Obi-wan, Rex... hey, even Cad Bane if that's your thing.
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BL comic recommendations

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After the ARH thread i read the whole comic in a few hours and now my heart's been sucked into a void. I hate this feeling. I need more. I need to wash it out with a new story and characters.

Someone said you wont find a better BL comic than ARH, please god prove them wrong.

Preferably western and with a good art style pls thnx
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Cookie Run

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can we get a thread going for cookie boys pls?
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Always Raining Here

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50 years later and no-one posted Always Raining Here 6-pages prologue anywhere on the internet.
Feels bad man, I live too far from US to buy the copy.
I'm fine with potato quality photos or scans if someone kind enough to share it with me.

I'll dump some ARH art
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Caesar Zeppeli thread

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Trap Thread

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Previous thread:
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It's November 1st time for Christmas bois
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Undertale/Deltarune #2

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OwO Pwevious Thwead >>3267361
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FKMT thread

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Cause I'm feeling Tonegawa
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