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I think get it now

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I think i understand why we'll never go back to old 4chan now that ive stayed away from this sort of entertainment for a few months and came back...

Its simply not as fun as we remember...

Just went on a nostalgia thread filled with some REALLY old shit and i compared it to the compilations my cousin watches on youtube hes 9 and its literally the same type content, just everything is switched to modern references

This is probably why its considered cringe to us, but our nostalgic memories are considered cringe to them...lack of understanding to the references almos like you had to be indulgedin it to understand

The fact that i no longer enjoy the nostalgic content i would at one points beg for to come back, is saddening
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? ?
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This is a slow board
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how long is the downtime for making another thread after making one?
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what if no one thinks we're very important?
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What video games are /vip/ approved?
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