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fancy outfits

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We have a thread for suits, but what about fancier, more exotic clothing? Especially any sort of "princely" or royal uniforms.
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Black Panther #31

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Fresh M'Baku content edition.

Previous thread: >>3310136
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New Link Thread

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Aoba Seragaki Appreciation Thread

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Say something nice about my husband
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In celebration of 4/13 and the epilogue beginning, post Homestuck boys.
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Touching another

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Guys being surprised/unconfortable/embaraased by another's touch
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Shirtless Thread

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Images that show and display the beauty of the male body.
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boys in suits

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so i've been falling in love with any boy wearing a suit/tuxedo lately
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Manservice thread

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Can we get some sweet male plot? This gay man is sick of all them tits in his favorite anime.
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Link and Ike

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I want all of these pictures that exist
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