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Boys wanting to make love with you

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Post suggestive boys wanting to love you ./////. (sfw!) condoms in mouth are a yes, naked abs are even more yes
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It is really hard to find these pics.
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Crossover/Parody Thread

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Bros doing bro things
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Summer fun

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Post some summer themed pictures. Bonus points for beach/pool parties and tan lines.
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Fall is in a week, so lets post stuff with fall aesthetics or themes in it.
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Open-chest/Virgin Killer Sweater Thread

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They're pretty cute and hot.
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Food Fantasy

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(or Gourmet Kizuna, Food Contract...whatever you want to call it).
Food boys need some love!
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Doukyuusei Thread

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I can't get over how cute the manga and movie is.
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Speedwagon Love Train

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what a super cute boy!! he needs a lot of support!
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