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/cmlit/ Thread

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Murdered by the holidays edition.

Previous thread:

Piratepad with recommendations:
Please add things you think other people will like.

Pastebin for people who can't see the piratepad:
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I want to HUG 9S

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Fuutarou Uesugi Thread

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post smart, reliable, tall, and cool fuutarous
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/cm/ reaction pics #5

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Previous thread >>3224371
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Why is this character design so incredibly kinky? And why do I love it so much?
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Blushy boys

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Boys that blush, whether it's from embarrassment, intimate feelings or just the cold
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Post cute kid and pre-teen Goahns. Great Saiyaman is also welcome
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Ace Attorney thread

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Anime just got good and I want cute lawyers to fill my need.
Bonus points for Edgey
+1000 for shota Edgey
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guys with cats thread

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i need bois with best animal pls
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