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Why do people say mean things to me?
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What video games are /vip/ approved?
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Kickem in the tuchus
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Interesting pictures

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Just gonna post my favorite interesting photographs and shit. Post some too if you want.
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Very Important Pikachu

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8 chan shutting down was the worst thing that could of happened for this site in a long time.

The containment board has be closed and those schizo faggots are spamming everyboard.

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huff huff
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You have been visited by the Laura of desolate boards.

Unfortunately this board appears to have gone unnoticed by anons on 4chan. Unless someone posts in this thread (and does it soon), this board will inevitably be forgotten.
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How to stop being anxious around people? I drink 2 cup of coffee a day and I have these weird feelings in my body. For example I shut in inside my room and play videogames instead of eating with the guests.