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Holy fuck at dem tiddies.

More like Thiccstrasza, am I right?
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h-hey /vip/, d-d-do you like my sweater f-for the w-winter when we crunchyroll and chill?
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Let's just cut to the chase. Which anime girl have you spilt the most cum to?

Pic not related, but probably up there for me.
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I want a refund.

If you're going to ban me for posting stories about actresses on /tv/ then I want my money back.

Please refund me immediately. I no longer support this site.
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/vdrg/ - VIP Danganronpa General

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Pay 20 dollars to shitpost about Danganronpa please
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all phoneposting shitskins should be fucking permabanned
they operate on a literal Grey grid and can never be banned ever.'
chinkfuck moot do your fucking job
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Does anyone want to discuss cryptocurrencies?

There's so much shilling and shitposting on /biz/ that having a barrier to entry might inspire a better discussion.
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Wish me Happy Birthday, I'm 50!

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I know you're all excited to wish me happy birthday. I'm 50 today.

My advice, follow your dreams.