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Let's discuss the 2018 American Midterm Election results here. Try to keep shitposting to a minimum.
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>Your 4chan Pass (Token: BOOMBOOMER85) is due to expire in less than 7 days, on 10/02/18.
>To avoid any interruption, we recommend renewing your Pass now. Renewing your Pass will add 12
additional months to your current expiration date.

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It's Veteran's day. It's been exactly 100 years since World War I ended. Who's listening to Sabaton to celebrate?
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Okay, this is epic.
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all phoneposting shitskins should be fucking permabanned
they operate on a literal Grey grid and can never be banned ever.'
chinkfuck moot do your fucking job
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After being here for almost a full decade (2008) i decided to buy a pass just cause i had some cash i really dont [/spoiler:lit]
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So /vip/, do you have your token & pin memorized? (don't type them here obviously)
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Guys this is gold. We really should vote for this