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hi im from x/

I was wondering if we could have a new board called "occult" for the people on x/ who want to engage in chaos magic with out muggles fucking up our wiccan spell post and grabby magic number gets and shit?

mayb it could called z/

I think it would be good. imo the board will probably be more acitve than x/ is cuz people wouldnt need "proof" or "science" to post on it, we could just post about anything we believe in and teach each other magicx n stuff like that and introduce the muggles to some chaos theory idk. i think its a realllly good idea and would be more fun than x/ is where you get called mental for even believing in ghosts lol
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Who else bought their pass with welfare?
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Is this board a premium /s4s/ lol

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Well, IS IT ?
Also, is anime VERY important ?
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I stand with Hiro

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Finally the /pol/ filth will be purged. Ban all /pol/sters at sight.
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Show me your best drawings, /vip/!
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