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Boobs or butts?
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Ettiquette for Adult Boards

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Can we have a set of ettiquette GUIDELINES for adult boards? Not rules per se, but just stickied instructions for being a good poster:

1) Don't post in threads about how you don't like the specific fetish topic of the thread. This adds nothing and just derails the thread with arguments.

1)(a) For the same reason, don't complain about the race of a person in a pic unless it specifically goes against the thread topic

2) Don't ask for zip codes, area codes, or any other location specific information unless you are participating in a meetup thread in /soc/. Remember that stalking/harassment is against the RULES and illegal.

2)(a) For the same reason, don't post state or location specific threads outside of /soc/ in general

3) Don't post a series of related images all at once. Instead, post one or two images from the set and wait to see how posters respond. Examples would be a bunch of screenshots of a your WoW character, or a bunch of photos from a photo shoot. If other posters encourage you to post the rest, then do so. If other posters ask you not to spam, make your own thread. You can probably ignore this guideline if you are posting 4 or less images.

4) If you can, edit your filenames to give source, this reduces the number of posters cluttering up the thread by begging for source. If you don't know the source, consider saying so in your post, but don't indirectly ask for others to source it for you unless you are on /r/

4)(a) for the same reason, check the filename and reverse search before asking for source

5) In addition, try to post adult webms with sound, this lets more people just fap to the webm rather than asking for source

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Fuck niggers.
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Hey, Anon! What's your idea for a video game, movie, comic, book, or cartoon? Post it here so we can all see it!
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Mobile Advertising Company InMobi Hacked. All AerServ Intellectual Property and Data Leaked.

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hi im from x/

I was wondering if we could have a new board called "occult" for the people on x/ who want to engage in chaos magic with out muggles fucking up our wiccan spell post and grabby magic number gets and shit?

mayb it could called z/

I think it would be good. imo the board will probably be more acitve than x/ is cuz people wouldnt need "proof" or "science" to post on it, we could just post about anything we believe in and teach each other magicx n stuff like that and introduce the muggles to some chaos theory idk. i think its a realllly good idea and would be more fun than x/ is where you get called mental for even believing in ghosts lol
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Just bought a pass after about 8 years of using this site.

It feels good to support a community that means so much to me. For better or worse 4chan has helped me through some of the roughest times of my life.
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does paying for a pass make you a cuckold?
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