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/casual/ - Casual discussion general

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Hi fellas, let's discuss casual stuff. How's your life going?
Did something interesting happen at home/workplace/school/uni and so on?
Do you want to change something in your life?

Chill discussion for chill people that don't have 24/7 time to post on 4chan. Let's go lads.
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Wojak and Pepe need to be permabanned

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I'm not going to keep putting money into this site if it's going to be filled with this stagnant, obnoxious bullshit. Half the boards are fucking unusable now. Mods, do your fucking jobs.
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We wait.
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Who wants to be my VIF? (Very Important Friend).
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How does 4chan rank threads?

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I don't think it's chronological or newest first, is it a black box?

How do we know 4chan isn't going to fuck up the recommendation algorithm like YouTube and start semantic censorship?
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gib milk
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HOw resize

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Many of the photos and screenshots I have on my phone are too big to there an easy way to re-size them?
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any trannies browsing /vip/?
pic related is me 4 days post SRS
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