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How does it go my 4channel bros?
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How are the fellow /vippers/ feeling about the future divide?
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The end of an era.
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>mfw poorfags are bitching about the vote being behind a paywall
My sides
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does paying for a pass make you a cuckold?
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say something nice about him
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e What

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I don't really like this website anymore, but everywhere else is worse.
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Is it worth it to think about nonsense?

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Simulation theory, a fun idea and concept, ultimately something that you can never prove or disprove.

So, since I can never prove that I'm in a simulation, I should act as though Im not, to mitigate negative risks.

Thus, any time spent on such an idea, or similarly stupid ideas, is essentially a waste of valuable time and brain power yes?

Seeing as, we can't ever benefit from the time spent thinking on it.

Similarly, should other thoughts of nonsense be indulged?