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This century is a dystopian shithole in which the average citizen of even advanced democracies is nothing more than a passive consumer of infotainment. We don't live in a leisure economy, we live in a forced leisure economy. Young men waste their entire youths playing video games and watching porn because they have been shut out of gainful employment, unless they are intellectually gifted enough for STEM. They're not getting married, and they're not having children. The entire real economy is going to collapse once 1 in 4 Millennials passes through their 30s without buying a house or having children within marriage. Real estate, cars, anything tangible that doesn't have a processor in it will crash because no one is going to be able to afford to buy them.

What is the political solution to this? Closing the borders and mass unionization? What do we do with the generation of men that has already wasted the prime of their reproductive life?

We have eaten our seed corn.
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Did you fags unironically vote for this shitty design or did Hiro rig the vote?
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>lol anon, 4chan isn't your secret club you know, you're an elitist
>ugh, /pol/, get off MY board! You're not welcome here, this is OUR website!
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First /vip/ thread of 2018.
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You wake up a hundred years from now, and North America has finally balkanized. The level of technology and memery is exactly the same, because of progress lost in the wars.

What do you do?
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