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The Boys (tv) discussion

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Let's talk about this show. I hope this is still /co and not entirely /tv, sorry.
I read the comics a few years ago and mostly enjoyed them for what they were.
I've only just watched the first 3 episodes of the adaptations and here's my info dump. Let's discuss the changes and if the improve upon or detract or are just okay for the adaptation.

>The guy who plays Homelander, Anthony Starr, is actually really good as him.
He's like the love child of Chris Pine and Bradley Cooper. Does a great job of being the insecure, impatient Superman.

>There are story elements that have changed of course.
Primarily the fact that The Boys aren't nearly on the same threat level that they are in the comics. They don't even have Compound V at the beginning, nor have they even heard of it. Mallory is mentioned though. But I guess Butcher didn't pretend to kill and force the inventor of V to make a bunch of doses for Butcher himself like it's later revealed in the comics.

>Stillwell is obviously a woman now.
Big change. Before watching the show, I thought that probably wasn't a good idea because Stillwell sort of represented the typical corporate man archetype. In the show, they use Stillwell pretty early on as the main individual who forces Starlight to switch to the sluttier outfit. And I think this scene in particular is largely why they made Stillwell female in the show. So it doesn't just seem like a bunch of men telling her how she should dress, ya know? They try to tie in her female identity (and her being a mother of an IVF relative newborn at late age) to mommy issues with Homelander to tie the two characters closer together. There are a few scenes where he's watching her (through the walls with x-ray vision) milk herself into bottles, etc , and he mentions to Queen Maeve that he can't deal with babies almost out of jealousy or something.