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>"It's not my fault I like you. If only you were one of the mean kids who destroyed my voodoo dolls but you were too nice for that. I walked past by the abandoned house yesterday,I remembered that when I dared you to go inside for thirty minutes, that was the first time you didn't chicken out only because I said I would tell Jackie Lynn Thomas you like like her. Even when you,me and everyone else at middle school were too scared to even walk on the pavement near it, you decided that Jackie Lynn Thomas knowing Marco Diaz had a crush on her was even more terrifying,I thought it was cute in a way. That was the last time we hung out too,I'm sorry I thought it was funny to sneak inside and scare you until you pee'd your pants and you had to run back home before anyone saw you,even when Britney and the gang did and your nickname became Marco Pee Pants for a month until everyone forgot about it, you didn't talk to me for the rest of the year after that and I admit I cried a little knowing that I just shooed away my only best friend whenever I slept,until I met Jackie of course. I'm not gonna lie,I do feel a bit jealous of her but she's my friend and I'm not going to fight her over some stupid crush. I just want to be friends with you again,best friends. It's okay if you don't forgive me for that day or that you still don't want to be buddies again,I just want an answer that's all."