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"So... you wanna know why I did it, right?"

"I mean getting Ashley... Arsene... Allie..."

"Ashi, grandpa."

"Right, Ashi, thanks Morty... you... all wanna know why, right?"

"You ever wake up, look in the mirror, and realize finally that the reason that no one wants to stay with you is staring back at you?"

"And then you realize all the problems are things you can't- or won't change. You're... stuck there. You're... there's no light at the end of the tunnel. So pick your poison, booze, drugs, porn, adrenaline rush from a fight to the death, whatever numbs the pain or makes you so tired you just crash, instead of lying awake wishing you had someone to talk to."

"Then you see someone decent, and he finds someone decent, and they hit it off, and some bullshit happens that makes them star-crossed lovers."

"And I... I used to think, well, good. Now they know the universe is a cold, rotten place. Misery will make 'em wiser."

"Only now I know that's bullshit. Misery doesn't make you wiser, misery makes you decide to write a sob story and then put a bullet in your brain."

"And maybe if I can stop one guy from being miserable, there'll be one less like me."