Samurai Jack Ending

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Episode 9:
>Jack wakes up to discover Ashi is gone. Jack is afraid he might have lost Ashi somehow, so he goes out looking for her.
>Jack stumbles upon the junkyard and ends up in the Guardian's lair who has secretly guarded the last time portal.
>Jack decides he doesn't want to use the time portal, but help rebuild the future instead, the Guardian says Jack can use the portal incase he changes his mind.
>Jack defeats the Guardian.
>It turns out Ashi was kidnapped by the High Priestess and taken to Aku.
>Aku discovers this and a pregnant Ashi. He realizes he can use this for leverage.

Episode 10:
>Jack is discovered by the Scotsman's ghost and his army made up of all the people Jack saved.
>Jack prepares an attack towards Aku's lair.
>Jack ends up in Aku's layer and tries to fight.
>Jack ends up in chains, forcing Ashi to fight. Ashi faces her mother/ Aku, but dies at least killing her mother.
>Jack has a final battle with Aku with the fate of the Universe at fate.
>Scaramouche makes it to Aku's lair and tells Aku Jack lost his sword.
>Jack ages normally now (not rapidly).
>This distracts Aku long enough for Jack to make the finishing blow.
>Jack decides to use the last time portal to go back and save Ashi.
>Jack and Ashi become king and queen (like the Guardian's vision) of the new world and all the people Jack inspired help rebuild the world.
>Jack tells his kid the story of defeating Aku which is parallel to Jack's dad telling his story ending the story in a full circle.