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>Jack LITERALLY killing children now

They're teenage girls. They were brainwashed from birth and Jack didn't have to kill them. They were still babies for crying out loud what the fuck.

Look, I don’t give a shit how /co/ feels about killing people or what their own thoughts of that looks like. I am not in the least interested in whether it's “really justified” or not. I care what Jack did. I care about the cultural and institutional realities that made what Jack did possible, and made him think – with very good precedent for thinking so – that he could get away with it. And those – the actions and structural realities – have everything to do with immorality, no matter what Jack or his father think about "muh bushido code"

... Jack can kill all the teenage girls he wants – nothing changes the fact that this was, no question, brutality at work. Brutality isn’t just hate. It’s inequity. Privilege for some and contempt for others.