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Star vs a true surivor

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>Was royalty but runt of the litter
>Never given anything. Forced to make his own way through life
>Treated like shit by everyone in his family except Dennis
>Raises an army of his own will (and giving them pants) to take over his family castle (by changing the locks)
>Grows his ambition to gain the wand
>In one fell swoop looses his army, his castle and his chance at the wand. Also his clothes
>Forced into the wilderness
>Survives and becomes more powerful than before
>Gains a wand of his own, a new more loyal army and even the Book of Spells
>Gains a "father" figure and things seem to be looking up
>In one more fell swoop looses it all to an even more masterful game

Being Ludo is surviving, but is suffering as well