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Saving Marvel From Itself

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Disney creators have handled its library of characters over many decades without destroying the essence of who those characters are. Marvel creators did the same through multiple generations of readers. Its called good stewardship.
I believe todays creators at marvel are incapable of good stewardship due to either directives from key management or their own narcissism and politics. In just a few short years the company has managed to alienate the majority of actual comic book customers in search of customers they would rather have. The situation is dire and needs to be addressed immediately.
I call for Disney to clean house at marvel, starting at the very top. There is a muslim SJW female, her name escapes me, that is in charge of the library of characters. She has to go. She may mean well but her vision for Marvel does not match the actual customer base. She has to go.
Alonso. Bendis. And any one else that is responsible for creative direction has to go. They are destroying decades of good stewardship and I promise you Disney would never allow this to happen to their in-house characters.
They all have to go. Now.