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Hey guys, it's that fag again who's watching Star Vs for the first time. Just finished the first season, and saw there wasn't a new thread up yet. So, where I last left off:

Fortune Cookies:
Holy shit. The real bbg just revealed himself. He looks like one sly motherfucker.

Freeze Day:
Hit me hard lol. It's kinda gross how much they made Marco a self-insert for any kinda shy guy who can't talk to crushes that well. I that I'm engaged it doesn't matter, but still was definitely that guy back in highschool. Also this Jackie stuff needs to stop. However, it is interesting that they are showing a kinda real complex romance dynamic where he's liked Jackie forever, but is also growing feelings for Star. Also felt bad for Father Time. Shit sucks yo.

Royal Pain
King Butterfly in the fight club fucking lol
Also when Star was sleep deprived she called Marco Osker by accident. Freudian slips yeeee

St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses
Oh shid they're finally getting back to this plot line.
Trap Marco
Actual good feminism message. Bueno.
Also anti-statist message. More subtle for sure but still good.
Also wasn't expecting a two parter, but a good one.

Mewnipendance Day
Fuck yes world building. The seeds for this have definitly been there all season, but this finally brought out a lot of them.
Like...seriously, this show is probably one of the most well thought out and planned ones I've seen in a LOOONNGGGG Time. Even like, major network TV seems to be like, just making sure they catch all the plot points.

The Banagic Wand
Eh. Marco Powerlevel increase lol. Also at end when Star was offended was a little sad.

Interdimensional Field Trip
Glad teach has a new lease on life.

Marco Grows a Beard
Fuck. When this episode started was not expecting this much plot development or this much character development for Star. Definitely setting up for a good season finale