South Park has been really underwhelming

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Who else has this feeling?

There is so much shit going around in the world, and this election is a shitfest, and they only stick to doing "Trump is dumb" over and over again. Canadian Trump was at least funny and climatic, but Garrison has been dragging
Also, it felt pretty force that he scaped back to south park just to have Randy talk about member berries

Member berries have been a waste of time until now. Randy's explanation was so predictable after so many chapters, that it all feels like a waste of time, also the JJA thing is going knowhere

At least you can count on M&T to break from the pop culture view of trolling and the operative mechanics, and I laughed when Gerald was plainly doing it for the lulz.

I liked the Denmark stuff, but it feels like so much wasted potential. They just made the Denmark-trolls synapse and left it at that. They could have done something grandiose, pulling in folk tales, and undusting old danish relics, or make internet trolls actually descendant of an obscure race (making Kyle part jew, ginger, jerseyan, and troll). Instead they founded a depressing internet company only because it's their tradition

it just drags on, with a few proper laughs