Steven Universe

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Can we talk about how Pearl is the most interesting character in cartoons right now?

She's a sentient being created to be a servant that managed to break her programming and gain free will (to some degree). Then she fell in love with her master and helped betray their Homeworld by staging a rebellion on Earth. She learned to become a master swordfighter so she could fight in a war that spanned hundreds of years and wiped out 99% of their species on the planet. She worked for thousands of years after that to capture or destroy the mutated remnants of those soldiers as part of her fanatic dedication to the person she loved. Then her love, who had never really reciprocated those feelings in the same way, falls for a human and gives up her physical existence to give birth to a child, for all intents and purposes dying and leaving Pearl alone for the first time in millennia. THEN she has to RAISE the child, which is both the embodiment of her only love and the cause of her love's death, without any sort of guidance.

This isn't even the whole story, this is just what we've seen so far, with much more hinted at. There could be a whole show just about Pearl, it's ridiculous.