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Disney TVA intern here. Here's random Amphibia details:

>Follows same episode layout as Star Vs/Gravity Falls. Mostly episodic with a couple of moments that add to continuity.
>Episodes deal with Anne learning and adjusting to frog culture (Like eating giant bugs for food) and trying to find out what happened to her friends.
>Anne's skills involve being great at badminton, a fantasy genre dork, and can do a million things with her phone because of all the apps (Sprig makes a joke that her phone is Earth magic)
>Villain is a Toad King wizard who wants to travel to Earth's dimension and take it over. He has a magic scepter he uses to turn creatures into full-blown monsters.
>Toad King has captured Anne's friends and found out his magic doesn't work on humans. He spends the series experimenting on them to get his magic to work, that way he can be ready when he goes to Earth.
>Other random episodes include Sprig using his Grandfather's magic book to win the "Hop Skip and Away" race only to find out he can't stop hopping; Sprig's little sister getting swept away after falling into a rushing river; Anne trying to hide from the family a giant pet ladybug that spits acid; An annual flood that submerges the town and makes it difficult for Anne to live there until the water level drops; Anne getting shrunk and being extremely tiny in a world where everything is already gigantic.
>Expect frog/toad/bug puns. "Frog-get about it" "It's raining cats and frogs!" "We'll just hop in and out and be back in no time!" "He was evil ever since he was just a toaddler." "Hey, quit bugging me! (To a giant bug)"
>First episode has a reverse Frogger joke where Anne is trying to cross a busy street
>Season finale ends on a cliffhanger with Toad King trying to take over Amphibia and get Grandpa's magic book. Anne does not get home or save her friends.

There you go. Something to get you hyped, since Disney's not gonna reveal any details about the show until early June.