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Freedom Fighters #1: Comic Book Nazi Nonsense

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Freedom Fighters #1 written by Robert Venditti with pencils by Eddie Barrows and published by DC Comics was an exceedingly vapid disappointing book. It released on Wednesday, December 19th, 2018.

The character shown in the panel above is known as Uncle Sam. He is the central figure in this 12 issue iteration of the Freedom Fighters. The first issue is drawn well enough and the story takes place on an alternate earth where the Nazis won the war in Europe and went on to conquer the United States.

Nazis in story telling can be interesting characters as they are generally regarded as infamous. That infamy though is at least fading in some circles and particularly with the youth. Some blame the educational system but, I digress.

Freedom Fighters #1 doesn’t help the “Nazis are infamous” narrative and/or meme. The way the author portrays the Nazis in Freedom Fighters #1 is serious but more akin to a slapstick satire that is way worse than any Hollywood portrayal I have seen.

At the outset of the book Venditti, the writer. uses the term “Ratzi” in a somewhat disorientating manner. “Ratzi” is the term the Freedom Fighters and other “real Americans” use for the Nazis. The Nazis also hate baseball and the Olympic Gold Medalist Jesse Owens.

Jesse Owens is somehow, in a manner unexplained by the writer in the first issue a contact for the Freedom Fighters and actually involved in their resistance against the Nazis...