AI porn thread

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Post AI creations you made/found.

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? Generators

? Tips
1) The instant "hard No." too many of these (about 3 in a row) can cause a ban. This is when your PROMPT has a problem with a specific term. Try adding "NOT" in front of the word in question. Incrementally change your prompt and only add one risky term at a time.
2) The DOG. If you typed something lewd Dilute your prompt, add in more safe terms add noise like random objects, try the split image trick.
2a) Meta tagging like "chubby round bread, her back is the bread",change her skin tone with "add neon blue/red lighting"
4) Unlimited prompt tokens during low user activity (Late night US timezones) when it starts saying 45 second wait times.
5) You can use multiple browsers each logged on a different account.
6) Phone number verification means they have reason to believe you're the same person making too many accounts, (IP or browser fingerprint).
7) Get into the habit of having backup accounts BEFORE problems occur, save a txt doc of which account used which browser.
8) Accounts DO get shadow banned and flagged without your knowledge where nearly all of your prompts will get hard no and soft dog no, clear cookies and Make a new account.