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GUIDE: Buying from Digiket and Booth.

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I often see many anons interested in doujinshi/visual novels and other stuff on digiket/booth but they don't know how to buy from these sites. I decided therefore to write a guide!
I'll start with Digiket.

Digiket doesn't allow credit cards outside of japan so unless you have bitcoins, you'll have to settle with WEBMONEY. Now, don't worry. It's not some weird illegal crypto stuff. It's just a point based currency some websites use.
You can buy it in many websites, but I recommend to use
Sign up and buy one of the webmoney cards. They only sell 2000, 5000 and 10000 yen.

It's now time to sign up on Digiket. Use this guide.

Once you sign up and bought webmoney from a website, it's time to add it to your digiket wallet.
Use this other guide:

You can now buy anything on Digiket :DDD