Zenoribbon: Rendering of Reality

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Homestead Claim
Claim Type: Original Creativity Claim (Ocla).
Unique Identifier: Zenoribbon: Rendering of Reality.
Full Property Name: Zenoribbon of Rainbow Road: Rendering of Reality.
Abbreviations: ZR, Zenoribbon.
Description: Zenoribbon is a Mobius ribbon which exists as an ethereal entity used for trading. Zenoribbon is precicely Tau times 4mm wide by 63cm long. The ribbon is irrationally wide, but rationally long. The combination of both rational and irrational render of Zenoribbon into reality in a way that gives comfort to traders such that they can be ensured that they are using money mathematically proven to be real.
Energy Invested: Contemplation of the most effective way to render the ribbon into reality while maintaining simplicity of trading.
Time of Claim: 2021 June 28.
Claimant Name: fractalosopher.
Claimant Sharing Key: =hqXdZnrTvicitWv4V/LH/9qA3nUMcl5PIbbdgclZ9cY=
Hash to End of Above Line: 60jxQMp5GiBOx4UXOH64KvdvaJvATubRv31glzcWVw==
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:Signature: TstJeGP4rxvWRffzgOa4hYjBo2vtpqxvn5dv3i7Y3SOlDxOEfuUi0bM+9wW9Lg3okqzxGBObti6zDgOZh7OrBA==