/sci/ vs /lit/

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Today, /sci/ has a 4cc game against /lit/ this afternoon at around 20:20 UTC ( 16:20 Eastern Time). tl;dr The boards of 4chan have football teams and play quarterly tournaments in Konami's PES. The players, stadiums, balls, anthems, and goalhorns, ect are based off of 4chan memes and the cultures of all the involved boards. Today is our first match in this autumn's cup, we will have 3 other games in the group stage (against /b/, /u/ , and /fit/) over the next two weekends. Provided that the team does well, /sci/ can advance to the knockouts and play in this winter's elite cup.
/sci/ vs /lit/ as well as the rest of today's games can be seen here: https://isthisliv.com/4cc/stream.html
Additional info can be found here: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Main_Page