>smartest man in the world

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>be me
>one of the smartest people on earth
>trivially abstract all of reality at the age of 5
>become depressed immediately after
>spend 14 years being bored
>be right now
>19 years old
>so bored out of my fucking mind
If anyone is smarter than me they can offer a solution. Step one of being smart: make other people do things for you. Unfortunately I'm both the autistic and sociopathic kind of genious, my thoughts are barely comprehendible to my lowly gorilla nigger ape brain because sadly I'm human. I'll probably be banned soon by the tranny jannies because I said the forbidden nigger word.
>inb4 brainlet responses: you choose the meaning of life, the eye of the beholder, being LE GOOD GOY, an hero, etc.
you're all basically fucking nematodes compared to me, so I'm not expecting much. But it's like poking a writhing thing, it's kind of funny.
also go ahead and ask the smartest man anything.