Guess What

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We caused the CIA to create a Task Force.

That assumes, of course, that this is some sort of face-saving exercise in light of the fact that some random person from the Internet fed them the solution to what was causing Havana Syndrome. Based upon this story, however, it would appear at least plausible that the former CIA officer is one of the few people who knows about the "conjecture" put forth on /x/ on June 12th.

What am I talking about?

[8kun] /x/res/59753.html (June 12th)

Then this was published this on June 16th:

One of two things is going on:

Either the CIA found out from 8kun what causes Havana Syndrome OR there are now several hundred people including a former officer who knows what causes it, and the ONLY people left who don't know are the people currently working for the CIA.

Let that sink in.

Note: I am the OP of the solution and I have not been visited by the government, served any secret gag orders or anything. At least in my mind, if they were aware of this, they would have offered me a job by now, right?