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>your major/field of work
>your "guilty pleasure" of entertainment
This is a bit off-topic, but I'm curious about the way you "kill time". I've read multiple times how people in STEM were inspired/influenced by things such as Star Trek, or classic sci-fi books (Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov) etc. As time has gone on and pop culture and the geenral entertainment industry have blown out of proportion, is there still anything that has such an impact? Do you personally maintain a "relationship" with some piece of /sci/-influenced piece of media? Do you have a story of being influenced by one thing or another?

I'm mainly asking because of how hectic life is. There's barely enough to work if you're interested in research, but the mind and body do need some downtime. Physical and educational hobbies are obviously the more logical choice, but let's assume you do kill some time here and there. What do you kill it with? Random movies and shows? Do you binge Trek? Do you read 40K novels? Do you keep up with the X-Men or whatever? Or something completely different? In my university I always saw people who had their entire identity revolve around their work. It was unlikely to find a Physics Major who was into hardcore into Fantasy. Most consumed the random fad of the month just to ease up. I've met one o two people who were obsessed with one particular thing and that thing only. But I've not come across anyone with tons of interests, as one would expect from the internet where no matter where you look everyone's better than you, both in academia and even in consooooooming.

I suppose I'm wondering because at this point I have so many TBs on entertainment/pop culture accumulated over the decades, and I wonder if I even care enough to keep up, or if I should. Do I need something ultimately stupid to get me out of a rut? Will some wacko's shitty idea in some syfy novel give me a good idea for my research? I'm just lost as to how to juggle my time beyond work and healthy hobbies.