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/pol/ says there's correlations between race and IQ in order to form a hierarchy between the races but we can't even identify what each race is supposed to be.

If the cardinal race theory (3 main races) doesn't fit half of the world's population (the new world isn't depicted but most of it is mixed race), is it real?
You can't just push a theory that doesn't fit half of the people that are alive.
How can you say that races exist when Indians and arabs (2.5 billion people) don't have a race to belong to?

Most PCA models seem arbitrarily colored and doesn't have clear barriers between the races.

Another issue with these models is that none of them account for population size. Many include the aboriginal or native/latin Americans who are clearly dead groups near extinction. All these PCAs should be weighted against current or projected population sizes. Only group's that can survive in the modern would should count.