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telescopes and stargazing

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i've been doing a lot of stargazing lately, and i can only see so much with my own eyes. I can't really use binoculars because my vision is screwy, so im thinking about getting a telescope to help me see things better. unfortunately, there's so many options out there and i know absolutely nothing about telescopes so i don't know how to stop myself from getting a piece of junk or something too expensive. I have some old piece of plastic crap i got from a thrift shop a few years ago that's literally worse than the naked eye but that's about it.

are there any good, cheap, telescopes? also, how do y'all find good places to look at the stars? what i've been doing is just driving to the country and pulling over on a side road, but that feels sketchy as fuck. the nearest darksite to me is an hour and a half away though which is too much of a drive to do every night